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IndiGo 6E SXR → IXC Srinagar to Chandigarh 26 January 2019 Rs 2273 Book Now
Vistara UK BOM → IXC Mumbai to Chandigarh 30 January 2019 Rs 3893 Book Now
Vistara UK BLR → IXC Bangalore to Chandigarh 28 January 2019 Rs 4294 Book Now
Jet Airways 9W DEL → IXC Delhi to Chandigarh 08 January 2019 Rs 1421 Book Now
IndiGo 6E CCU → IXC Kolkata to Chandigarh 14 January 2019 Rs 3720 Book Now
Vistara UK HYD → IXC Hyderabad to Chandigarh 22 January 2019 Rs 4042 Book Now
Vistara UK AMD → IXC Ahmedabad to Chandigarh 22 January 2019 Rs 3053 Book Now
Vistara UK PNQ → IXC Pune to Chandigarh 31 January 2019 Rs 4081 Book Now
Vistara UK LKO → IXC Lucknow to Chandigarh 22 January 2019 Rs 2830 Book Now
IndiGo 6E MAA → IXC Chennai to Chandigarh 19 January 2019 Rs 4554 Book Now
Jet Airways 9W JAI → IXC Jaipur to Chandigarh 21 January 2019 Rs 2754 Book Now
Go Air G8 GOI → IXC Goa to Chandigarh 19 January 2019 Rs 6306 Book Now
Air India AI IDR → IXC Indore to Chandigarh 31 January 2019 Rs 3721 Book Now
Air India AI COK → IXC Cochin to Chandigarh 30 January 2019 Rs 5623 Book Now
Jet Airways 9W NAG → IXC Nagpur to Chandigarh 15 January 2019 Rs 3382 Book Now
IndiGo 6E VNS → IXC Varanasi to Chandigarh 19 January 2019 Rs 5243 Book Now
IndiGo 6E BBI → IXC Bhubaneswar to Chandigarh 22 January 2019 Rs 4838 Book Now
Air India AI IXL → IXC Leh to Chandigarh 22 January 2019 Rs 4330 Book Now
IndiGo 6E PAT → IXC Patna to Chandigarh 11 January 2019 Rs 3830 Book Now
IndiGo 6E RPR → IXC Raipur to Chandigarh 22 January 2019 Rs 4241 Book Now

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The capital of the Indian states of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is a popular city of Northern India. The city of Chandigarh was one of the early planned cities in the post-independence India and is known internationally for its architecture and urban design. The main plan of this city was all set by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. Most of the government buildings and housing in the city were designed by the Chandigarh Capital Project Team headed by Le Corbusier. Chandigarh is also a Union Territory that holds an important position on the tourist map of India. It is gateway to the all major hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. There are many beautiful tourist attractions that one can come across on his trip to Chandigarh. Some of the popular ones are International Doll Museum, Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Sukhna Lake, Government Museum & Art Gallery, Capitol Complex and Parrot Bird Sanctuary.
Chandigarh has a pre-historic past. The city was earlier the part of the Punjab region. About 8000 years ago, the area was recognized to be the home to the Harappans. It used to be the dream city of India's first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. The city has an excellent designing and with time, it became an important sight owing to its strategic location. Apart from being capital city of two Indian states, Chandigarh is also a Union Territory of India. This is the reason; it turns into a popular destination where all types of visitors arrive with different motives. The city of Chandigarh has an international airport where regular flights to Chandigarh arrive from various important cities of India and world. At EaseMyTrip.com, you can enjoy the best airfare deals on Chandigarh flights and Chandigarh air tickets.

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Chandigarh International Airport is the main airport for not just the city of Chandigarh but the states of Punjab and Haryana as well. It also becomes important due to providing connectivity to the major hill stations located near Chandigarh. It is one of the biggest the reasons why a good number of flights to Chandigarh are available to fly from different destinations. There are 21 domestic flights and 2 international flights that are operating from this airport. Top flight routes for Chandigarh flights are Delhi to Chandigarh, Mumbai to Chandigarh, Hyderabad to Chandigarh, Bangalore to Chandigarh and Srinagar to Chandigarh. International flight routes for Chandigarh flights are Sharjah to Chandigarh served by Air India Express and Dubai to Chandigarh by IndiGo.

EaseMyTrip Recommends
Sightseeing On your visit to Chandigarh, explore Rock Garden, Terraced Garden, Bougainvillea Park, Sukhna Lake, Fitness Trails, Botanical Garden, Leisure Valley and International Dolls Museum
Lunch Chandigarh is an ultimate place to enjoy Punjabi cuisine and it also features several classy restaurants where international food can be enjoyed.
shopping Chandigarh is full of shopping malls. If you want to buy local souvenir, explore plenty of stores selling multicolored Dupattas, Phulkari works, Jootis, Durries, jewelries, Parandis, toys, and numerous other multihued items.

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