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AirLines Routes Departure Date Cheap Fare Book
IndiGo 6E BLR → BBI Bangalore to Bhubaneswar 22 May 2019 Rs 3098 Book Now
IndiGo 6E DEL → BBI Delhi to Bhubaneswar 08 May 2019 Rs 3599 Book Now
Air Asia I5 CCU → BBI Kolkata to Bhubaneswar 10 May 2019 Rs 1734 Book Now
IndiGo 6E HYD → BBI Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar 09 May 2019 Rs 2896 Book Now
GoAir G8 BOM → BBI Mumbai to Bhubaneswar 19 May 2019 Rs 4364 Book Now
IndiGo 6E MAA → BBI Chennai to Bhubaneswar 31 May 2019 Rs 2579 Book Now
IndiGo 6E GAU → BBI Guwahati to Bhubaneswar 28 May 2019 Rs 2699 Book Now
IndiGo 6E AMD → BBI Ahmedabad to Bhubaneswar 30 May 2019 Rs 5175 Book Now
IndiGo 6E PNQ → BBI Pune to Bhubaneswar 22 May 2019 Rs 5769 Book Now
IndiGo 6E COK → BBI Cochin to Bhubaneswar 14 May 2019 Rs 2799 Book Now
IndiGo 6E PAT → BBI Patna to Bhubaneswar 29 May 2019 Rs 3010 Book Now
IndiGo 6E IXA → BBI Agartala to Bhubaneswar 17 May 2019 Rs 2992 Book Now
IndiGo 6E LKO → BBI Lucknow to Bhubaneswar 05 May 2019 Rs 3794 Book Now
Air India AI IXR → BBI Ranchi to Bhubaneswar 31 May 2019 Rs 1700 Book Now
IndiGo 6E GOI → BBI Goa to Bhubaneswar 20 May 2019 Rs 4845 Book Now
IndiGo 6E IMF → BBI Imphal to Bhubaneswar 07 May 2019 Rs 3185 Book Now
IndiGo 6E IDR → BBI Indore to Bhubaneswar 29 May 2019 Rs 3753 Book Now
IndiGo 6E JAI → BBI Jaipur to Bhubaneswar 07 May 2019 Rs 4633 Book Now
IndiGo 6E IXB → BBI Bagdogra to Bhubaneswar 04 May 2019 Rs 5277 Book Now
IndiGo 6E SXR → BBI Srinagar to Bhubaneswar 14 May 2019 Rs 6350 Book Now

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Why to Book Flights to Bhuj
Located in Kutch district of the Indian state of Gujarat, Bhuj is a historically important city where remnants of Harappa or Indus Valley Civilization can be found yet. It is a home to several fascinating architectures and sites that attract a number of visitors for holidaying. You can visit here several antique tombs, beaches, caves, palaces, exotic museums, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, and much more. Have a visit to this historic city with cheap flights to Bhuj and also explore numerous interesting places on your day trips.

Airport Services, Connectivity and Flight Information
The official name of Bhuj Airport is the Shyamji Krishna Verma Airport which is located at a distance of 5 km from the city centre. The airport has only one domestic terminal where all domestic flights to Bhuj arrive. The airport features VIP lounge, baggage trolleys, Wi-Fi facility, conveyor belts, and toilet facilities for the disabled. The major airlines operating from this airport are Air India and Jet Airways. From the airport, you can always get Public cars, taxis, and rental cars to reach the nearby destinations.

EaseMyTrip Recommends
Sightseeing During your stay in Bhuj, you can explore attractions like Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, Aina Mahal Palace, Kutch Museum, Hamirsar Lake, Hill Garden, Prag Mahal, Kutch Bustard Sanctuary, Aina Mahal Palace, and Cenotaphs Complex.
Lunch Bhuj is a city of Gujarat where you can try out variety of Gujarati dishes, which are simply amazing in taste. It features lots of restaurants where one try delicious food of his choice.
shopping Shopping in Bhuj gives a lifetime experience to the visitors. It is a place for bargain hunters. One can buy here different kinds of jewelries, artifacts and handcraft items.

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