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IndiGo 6E DEL → ATQ Delhi to Amritsar 15 December 2018 Rs 2237 Book Now
IndiGo 6E BLR → ATQ Bangalore to Amritsar 17 December 2018 Rs 3733 Book Now
Jet Airways 9W BOM → ATQ Mumbai to Amritsar 14 December 2018 Rs 3854 Book Now
IndiGo 6E SXR → ATQ Srinagar to Amritsar 04 December 2018 Rs 2812 Book Now
IndiGo 6E HYD → ATQ Hyderabad to Amritsar 20 December 2018 Rs 3099 Book Now
IndiGo 6E AMD → ATQ Ahmedabad to Amritsar 07 December 2018 Rs 3117 Book Now
Air India AI PNQ → ATQ Pune to Amritsar 04 December 2018 Rs 4774 Book Now
IndiGo 6E GAU → ATQ Guwahati to Amritsar 22 December 2018 Rs 3250 Book Now
IndiGo 6E GOI → ATQ Goa to Amritsar 06 December 2018 Rs 5497 Book Now
IndiGo 6E LKO → ATQ Lucknow to Amritsar 07 December 2018 Rs 3240 Book Now
IndiGo 6E CCU → ATQ Kolkata to Amritsar 04 December 2018 Rs 4696 Book Now
IndiGo 6E PAT → ATQ Patna to Amritsar 02 December 2018 Rs 4846 Book Now
IndiGo 6E MAA → ATQ Chennai to Amritsar 19 December 2018 Rs 5010 Book Now
IndiGo 6E BBI → ATQ Bhubaneswar to Amritsar 13 December 2018 Rs 4807 Book Now
IndiGo 6E IXB → ATQ Bagdogra to Amritsar 16 December 2018 Rs 4001 Book Now
IndiGo 6E STV → ATQ Surat to Amritsar 22 December 2018 Rs 4204 Book Now
Air India AI NDC → ATQ Nanded to Amritsar 01 December 2018 Rs 4101 Book Now
IndiGo 6E IDR → ATQ Indore to Amritsar 03 December 2018 Rs 4624 Book Now
Air India AI NAG → ATQ Nagpur to Amritsar 07 December 2018 Rs 4949 Book Now

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Historically recognized as Ramdaspur, Amritsar is a beautiful tourist destination and the most significant pilgrimage for the Sikhs. The beautiful city is enriched with its stunning treasures, architectural possessions and mesmerizing structures. There are many Gurudwaras, temples, mosques and churches in the city. However, the spirit of Amritsar not only lies in these religious places but also in its art & crafts, architectural marvels, lip smacking Punjabi cuisines, and much more. Located close to Pakistan, Amritsar is only 28 KM away from Wagah Border. A number of travelers come to the city for paying a visit to this place. Amritsar is also visited for a number trade activities happening. It gives the visitors many reasons to book Amritsar flights.
Being home to the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), Amritsar turns into spiritual and cultural heart for the Sikh religion. This significant Sikh shrine witnesses arrivals of more visitors than the Taj Mahal. Along with popularity in tourism sector, Amritsar also witnesses commercial activities in the field of the manufacturing of carpets and fabrics, farm productions, handicrafts, service trades, and light engineering. So, a number of traders keep visiting the city. Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport is the main airport of the city where all flights to Amritsar arrive from various destinations EaseMyTrip.com offers best deals on Amritsar flights and Amritsar air tickets.

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Amritsar is connected to all major airports of India and many international destinations also operate flights to Amritsar. Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport is the main airport of the city that is located about 11 km away from Amritsar. There are 11 domestic and 7 international flights operated from Amritsar Airport. The airport is provided with all essential facilities. Popular domestic flight routes for flights to Amritsar are Delhi to Amritsar, Mumbai to Amritsar, Chennai to Amritsar, Bangalore to Amritsar and Srinagar to Amritsar. International destinations like Birmingham, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Doha and Singapore also operate direct flights to Amritsar.

EaseMyTrip Recommends
Sightseeing On your trip to Amritsar, don forget to visit Golden Temple, Durgyana Temple, Jalianwala Bagh, Wagha Border, and Akal Takht.
Lunch Amritsar is an ultimate destination for foodies as it serves wide range of delicious dishes prepared using aromatic spices and naturally derived milk products. Punjabi cuisine is a must try things here.
shopping Offering rustic wares, trendy apparels and traditional artifacts such as durries, kites, bangles, shawls, Amritsar gives you an ultimate shopping experience.

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