Tashigang- the World’s Highest Polling Station!


Lok Sabha 2019 elections are starting from April 11 and the entire country is abubble about the same, unaware of the fact that India houses the world's highest polling station in its very own land of Himachal Pradesh.


Located at an altitude of 15,256 feet, Tashigang is a small hamlet in Himachal Pradesh and is now the highest polling station in the world. It is located in the Spiti Valley, less than 30 kilometers from the India-China border and is one among 17 assembly segments of Mandi - the second largest constituency in India.
The polling station of Tashigang covers two villages— Tashigang and Gete, which consists of 48 voters. Out of which 30 are men and 18 women.


Because of the remoteness, there is no proper road connectivity till Tashigang. The region is usually unsafe for the vehicular movement as it remains buried under snow for the majority of the time. There is still no mobile connectivity in the region and the election officials are planning to use a satellite phone to communicate during the poll.
Lahual-Spiti deputy commissioner-cum-district electoral officer Ashwani Chaudhari said the road connectivity to the village would be restored once the weather improved so that voters do not face any inconvenience while voting. He said "We have already informed the Election Commission of India about setting up of the polling booth at Tashigang and will ensure that facilities like power/water supply are available there".


Earlier voters of the village and monks of Gompa would have to walk down to nearest polling station at Hikkim, located at the height of 14,567 ft and happened to be the highest polling station of India.

The polling in the region is scheduled to happen on May 19


If you want to experience the peaceful life, why don’t you travel Tashigang and live it up closely!

Places to Visit in Tashigang


Trashigang Dzong


Constructed in the year 1659, the Dzong serves as the administrative headquarters and a gorgeous monastery. The Dzong remain surrounded by the amazing views of the lush greenery and the magnificent mountains.

Gom Kora


Located 24 km from Trashigang region, the temple of Gom Kora is like a true haven in the arid landscape. The region is one of the popular places where Guru Rinpoche meditated in order to suppress a demon who resided in a huge black rock.

How to Reach Tashigang


Tashigang Village doesn't have a direct flight or train connectivity. But it is well connected by road and can be reached via bus, taxi or self driven car easily.
By Air
Opened in the year 2011, Yongphulla Airport is a domestic airport in Bhutan, located near the town of Trashigang. Flights are operated by Drukair and Tashi Air to Paro, although due to poor financial outcome and the regulatory needs of a runway, majority of flights have got suspended here.
By Bus
The nearest major bus stand is Kaza Bus Stand with frequent buses to other cities.