Top 5 Road Trips from Delhi for the Road Runners

Apoorva Shukla July 19, 2019

Road trips are always amazing and exhilarating experience especially for the people who are ready for fun and adventure any time.

Road Trip from Delhi to Mathura- Vrindavan- Agra

If you want to have a spiritual experience Mathura and Vrindavan is a good choice. The distance between Delhi to Mathura is not much and one can easily opt for a bike or car ride over this place. One can enjoy the panoramic views while cruising in the middle of the road. If you are going by car or bike it will take approximately 3 hrs if the roads are out of traffic. In Mathura one can visit the famous temples of Lord krishna and can try several delicious street foods like lassi which is a typical Indian beverage and the famous peda’s which is a sweet dish and for which Mathura is famous for. From Mathura one can go Vrindavan too which is nearby and is only 30 minutes drive from Mathura. After enjoying there one can head towards Agra it hardly takes 1hr 43 minutes via NH2 and can treat their eyes with the magnificent Taj Mahal .This road trip will surely become one of the best days of your life.

Road Trip from Delhi to Dehradun & Mussoorie

This Road trip from a hustling bustling city to the calm and not so populated place Dehradun can surely become one of the best road trips of your life if you are travelling with your loved cousins or with your crazy friends. The distance from Delhi to Dehradun is 247 kms and it will take 5 hrs 46 minutes time and the views in between the road trip will surely tempt you and further you can satisfy your taste buds on the road side dhaba’s. Reaching their one can visit the famous tourist spots Sahastradhara and Bhatta falls. After exploring this place you can lead your way towards Mussorie. It is known as “queen of hills”. One can easily go to Mussorie from Dehradun the drive is just 1 hour 26 minute. In Mussorie one can explore a lot of things and if you are on a road trip then be ready for the amazing aura of Mussorie. This experience will surely give you moments to cherish and you will surely wish to experience it again.

Road Trip from Delhi to Dharamshala & Mcleod Ganj

If you want to fall in the lap of nature and want a getaway from the busy life from the capital of India then Dharamshala will surely give you all the peace and a perfect picturesque road trip filled with enticing views. The distance between Delhi and Dharamshala is 490 km and is 8 hrs and 36 minutes drive away from Delhi. If driving is the only thing which soothe your spirit then this road trip is really going to be very exclusive and spiritual getaway.

Road Trip from Delhi to Jaipur

If you want to have a trip to royalty then Rajasthan is the place for you. The distance from Delhi to Rajasthan is 419 km and is just 6hrs 25 minutes. Here one can experience the most prominent and traditional cultures of India with a touch of royalty. On reaching Rajasthan you can try the ultimately amazing food and the magnificent forts and if you are bored with driving you can hop on a camel and have an altogether different ride. You can further go to Jaipur from Rajasthan and can explore the pink city of India. It’s just 3 hrs 34 minutes drive from Rajasthan via RJ SH 19.

Road Trip from Delhi to Chandigarh

This Road trip from Delhi to Chandigarh is just 4hrs and 35 minutes and the distance is 246 km by Road. After Reaching Chandigarh you can hang out at Rock garden and Sukhna Lake both are the famous tourist attraction .Further here you enjoy the yummy food of Chandigarh and the famous Indian beverage “Lassi” at Hotel Grand Punjab Lassi Cafe.If driving car or riding bike is the only passion you have and you love to explore new places, then the above mentioned places are must visit for you. If you are looking for the cheap and budget hotels for accommodation, check out at EaseMyTrip. They provide the best service because they care for the customers and offer value for money.


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