Top Things Women should Remember during Solo Driving on Indian Highways

Amrita Barnwal February 19, 2020

Everyone is waiting for an environment that will be ideal for women, but one can’t deny the truth that women in India are still not in the safe zone. Despite of things changing a lot with the time, things are not getting much different for the women in India. However, a majority of Indian women have to travel alone as they don't have right companions many times. But, it is often hard for them to hit the road. If you are also scared of hitting the highway alone, keep these few things in mind that will make you confident about your solo driving. Be smart about these rules and get best out of your journey. You can also be smart in planning a holiday trip by booking at EaseMyTrip.

Prefer to Leave Early Morning

You will find lesser number of people on the road at morning and reach to your destination before sunset. So, there will be no risk of facing darkness and getting into the trouble. A peaceful drive during sunrise is an experience that no one should miss.

Practice How to Change the Tire

Even if your tire is not punctured, you should learn to change it. It is essential as you need to be ready for any situation coming. There is no point of learning driving if you can't change your car's tire. In fact, this is applicable for everyone.

Wear Clothes and Sneakers

Wear something that is cool and has lots of big pockets. Those pockets help in keeping all the toll receipts, change and other small stuff. Besides, it is also a good idea to carry pepper spray in those pockets. Wearing sneakers can help you in tricky situations and may allow you to run if required.

Keep Pepper Spray and Weapons Handy

Carry a hockey stick and your pepper spray any time you travel anywhere. It makes everything under control in facing some unusual condition. And make sure that these things are in your reach when you are driving.

Don’t Stop in Adverse Situation

If you get into a situation when someone tries to stalk you or someone tries to overtake you, never stop. Pick up speed, hold up or do whatever you can do at that time. Just get rid of them and move on to the nearest the police. Such stalkers stop on realizing the danger.

Inform Someone about Your Complete Travel Plan

People at home should know about your travel plans and expect you to return at a particular time. This will raise the alarm in their mind if you don't reach home in time. Make sure that you are in touch with someone in every couple of hours at home.

Keep Record of Important Numbers

In the last few years, most of the Indian national highways have got emergency contact numbers on boards all through the highways. However, you should also have a list of all important numbers and while driving through the highway, also keep noting those mentioned numbers.

Don’t Let Others Know You're Travelling Solo

You will definitely have food or go for toilet breaks while travelling. So, try to take food from fast food joints and prefer to get them packed to eat in your car. But don’t eat them while driving and don’t an impression on others that you are traveling alone.


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