Onam Celebrations Across India

Anjali Jain August 28, 2023

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Onam, the vibrant and cherished festival of Kerala, transcends regional boundaries to embrace the entire nation in a tapestry of colors, culture, and unity. As the harvest festival welcomes King Mahabali, the iconic figure of generosity and prosperity, each city in India brings its own unique flair to the celebrations, making Onam a time when diversity converges in a symphony of joy and togetherness.
Witness the Onam celebration by visiting any of the below cities and feel the true vibes. 
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1.Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala: The Grand Epicenter of Onam

In the heart of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram stands as the epicenter of Onam celebrations. The city resonates with grand processions, known as the Athachamayam, showcasing traditional art forms, music, and dance. The grand Thiruvonam feast, known as 'Onasadya', is a feast to the eyes and palate alike, featuring a sumptuous spread of vegetarian delicacies served on banana leaves.

2. Kochi, Kerala: The Cultural Fusion


Kochi, a bustling port city, paints Onam in hues of culture and heritage. The famous boat races, including the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, transform the tranquil backwaters into a lively arena of rowing fervor. Pookalams (floral carpets) grace every doorstep, and the city resonates with traditional music and dance performances.

3. Chennai, Tamil Nadu: A Cultural Melting Pot

Even beyond Kerala's borders, Onam finds a special place in Chennai. The Tamil Nadu capital celebrates Onam with grand processions, cultural events, and traditional music and dance performances. The city's Malayali community gathers to partake in the Onasadya, forging a bond that transcends geographical origins.

4. Bengaluru, Karnataka: Unity in Diversity

Bengaluru's Onam celebrations reflect the city's diverse and cosmopolitan spirit. From floral decorations to vibrant cultural performances, the city's Malayali community showcases the essence of Onam while fostering a sense of unity amidst the city's multicultural fabric.

5. Mumbai, Maharashtra: Onam by the Sea

In the bustling heart of Mumbai, Onam resonates along the city's coastal expanse. The annual Onam Sadya, marked by traditional dishes, draws Malayalis from all walks of life to celebrate and share the joy of the harvest festival. The city's Keralite community unites to create a vibrant tapestry of festivities.

6. Delhi, The Capital's Onam Extravaganza


Delhi, the capital of India, resonates with Onam fervor through grand celebrations organized by the Malayali diaspora. From cultural programs to Pookalam competitions, the city embraces the festival's spirit while providing a platform for cultural exchange.

7. Kolkata, West Bengal: A Festive Fusion

Even in the cultural melting pot of Kolkata, Onam finds its place. The Malayali community comes together to celebrate Onam with traditional fervor. Pookalams, cultural performances, and the grand feast bring a slice of Kerala to the heart of Bengal.

8. Hyderabad, Telangana: Onam's Warm Embrace

Hyderabad's Malayali community infuses the city with the warmth of Onam celebrations. The festivities include traditional rituals, cultural programs, and the signature Onasadya, which brings together Keralites and non-Keralites alike to savor the flavors of the festival.


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As the festival of Onam traverses geographical boundaries, it becomes a testament to the unity that diversity can create. Each city adds its own distinctive hue to the celebrations, creating a collective narrative of tradition, culture, and harmony. Through Pookalams, feasts, dances, and the spirit of togetherness, Onam showcases the beauty of India's rich cultural tapestry, where every city becomes a canvas for the vibrancy of this beloved festival.

Onam is not just a harvest festival; it is a reflection of India's rich cultural fabric, where traditions transcend boundaries, and the spirit of togetherness paints a picture of harmony that embraces the entire nation. 

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