Best Tips and Tricks You Need To Know If You Need To Survive A Long Flight

EaseMyTrip May 11, 2023

Traveling to your favorite holiday destination is a lot of fun but sometimes to journey to the destination can be tiring and often long. If you’re going to be taking an 8-hour flight or an 18-hour flight, long flight journeys can get boring, uncomfortable, and often very exhausting. Poor planning and decision-making can often lead to even more troubles during the flight journey. Therefore, if you’re flying somewhere really far, please keep in mind the below tips and tricks so that your journey will be as smooth as butter.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

Wearing the right clothes is important. You should avoid wearing anything tight and should ideally choose loose-fitting clothes so that you can stretch and move your hands and legs comfortably. Wearing tight clothes for a long flight can restrict blood flow and more than that it would be super uncomfortable.

  • Choose the right seat

Getting the right seat is very important as that is going to be where you will be sitting all your journey. Try avoiding the middle seats as you would be stuck in between, opt for the window seat or the aisle seats. With the window seat, you can see the beautiful skies and with the aisle seats, you can have a bit more leg space.

  • Carry Earphones/Headphones


Generally, long-haul flights have in-house entertainment. However, sometimes the shows, movies, and music available are not what you would fancy. Therefore, in such cases having your earphones is a blessing. You can pre-download your favorite shows and movies and watch them comfortably on your mobile and tablet.


  • Use your miles/Upgrade


If you’re flying economy and you have the opportunity to upgrade either using your miles or paying extra if it’s in your budget, then it is highly recommended you do so. First and Business Class seats are extremely comfortable and you will not feel like you are sitting in a flight. You can recline the seats, eat scrumptious customized meals and drink your favorite beverage and enjoy the flight


  • Move around the plane


Sitting in one position for a long time can get tiring. So whenever you feel you have sat for a long time, take a quick walk in the aircraft. This will help in blood circulation which will make you feel relaxed. After all, a good stretch is needed on long flights.


  • Carry a Travel Pillow and Eye Mask


A travel pillow and an eye mask are a blessing in disguise especially when you are traveling for long hours. Trying to get some good sleep is important on a flight and the uncomfortable seats can cause neck sprains. So if you have a travel pillow, you can put it around your neck and place the eye mask on your eyes and sleep comfortably.


  • Hydrate


Flying causes a lot of dehydration. Since the air conditioner is the only mode of ventilation, it can often lead to a lot of water loss from your skin and body. So ensure you are drinking lots of water and keep moisturizing your face, hands, and lips. This can help you feel fresh and avoid extreme dryness,


  • Carry food


It is always great to carry some extra food or nibblers with you when you travel. Sometimes the food that they serve in flights can be bland or not up to the mark. So, these snacks or food items can help you fill your stomach and ensures you have a fun traveling experience.


The above article aims to highlight various tips and tricks that you can read before you sit on your next long flight. Traveling is fun and flying by planes is a part of the whole experience. We don’t wish to have a bad flight experience as that be a start to a sad trip. So, keep in mind these tips and enjoy your next flight. For best deals for flight tickets, log onto EaseMyTrip to be rewarded by amazing offers.

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