Experience Splendor With India’s Highest Hotels

Shazima Syed May 25, 2023

Imagine a place where you can feel the clouds welcoming you in the morning and the scenery inspiring you to wake up and get out. From amazing landscapes to stunning views these destinations have everything to make your trip the best one.So here is our list of the highest hotels in India that you can pay a visit to.

Wildflower Hall

Where: Shimla
Height: 8,350 feet above sea level
Enclosed by the picturesque beauty and artistic architecture, wind flower is one of the luxurious and grand hotel in the region of Shimla. What makes this resort special is its location. This fairytale resort is sited at 8,350 feet above sea level, making it a perfect place to stay and enjoy its mesmerizing charm. Consequently, if you want to soak in the unparalleled beauty of the Shimla amid the hills, then it's advised to choose the best hotels in Shimla

The Grand Dragon

Where: Ladakh
Height: 3500 m above sea level
Located around the serenity of Ladakh,The Grand Dragon is one of the best destinations to enjoy your stay. Resting at an altitude of 3500 m above sea level, The hotel is well equipped with all the modern facilities including well furnished and air-conditioned rooms, LCD TV and royal suites. The facilities in the hotel also include in house laundry and wifi facilities. You can also enjoy jogging with your friends and family at special maintained track and VIP lounges.

Clifftop Club

Where: Auli
Height: 10,000 ft above sea level World famous Auli, is a skiing paradise that you should explore with your family and friends. The Clifftop Club hotel here is a high altitude lodging which offers you the best of services. The resort is a wonderland, providing you a luxurious and a relaxing stay.

Deshadan Mountain Resort

Where: Munnar
Height: 6000 ft above sea level
Graced by soft falling snow, fresh air and cool ambience, Deshadan is the top mountain hotel which is about 7 kms off from Munnar. The resort offers 22 well furnished rooms with all the modern facilities available. Surrounded by the lush green beauty and serenity, the hotel provides a premium staying experience to its visitors.

Banasura Hill Resort

Where: Wayanad
Height: 3200 feet above sea level
Boasting the most picturesque views and scenic landscapes, Banasura Hill Resort is the perfect relaxing stay when you are planning your trip to Wayanad. Nestled between the amazing Western Ghats, the resort is well established with every modern amenities available in there. Situated at an altitude of 3200 feet, the resort is simply beautiful.

The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa

Where: Gulmarg
Height: 8,825 above sea level
Located 65 kms from Srinagar Airport, Khybar Himalayan Resort & Spa is one peaceful experience, when you are looking for an escape away from the bustle of city life. The hotel lies in the Pir Panjal range and converts into a dreamy land during winters. Do visit the destination to indulge yourself into most comforting ambience and relaxation like never before.

Vivanta by Taj

Where: Madikeri
Height: 4000 feet above sea level
Representing grandeur and luxury, The name Taj has always been lived up to its reputation. Here also in Madikeri, The hotel stands at an astounding height of 4000 feet above sea level and offers some of the most amazing views of the destination. Because of its amazing infrastructure and comforting ambience, the hotel is sure to leave you in awe. Every room of it has magnificent views of the greenery which makes it a place you should not miss while doing hotel booking.


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