Best Places to Travel: Month-by-Month Calendar !

EaseMyTrip April 17, 2024

Often in our lives, we think of taking a break and going on a vacation, but the moment we decide to go, we find no clue of where to go, we get confused over the right kind of destinations to choose. India is a large country, offering a number of places to go, but there is some specific time of the year to visit all of these holiday destinations. Mentioned below are the perfect destination one should plan for each month of the year.

January- The Striking Lakshadweep Islands

The pristine beaches of turquoise waters are the pride of the small island Lakshadweep. This enclave of islands offers the perfect destination to be explored during the winter season as the island with the tropical weather plays a perfect host. Enjoy the serene atmosphere while sitting near a beach or you can even go on trying different types of water sports and activities like kayaking, snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving.

February- The Desert Festival of Jaisalmer

February is the best time to visit the desert city of India because the climate remains pleasant with neither too cold or neither too hot. Moreover the city organized its most famous desert festival. The three day organized event includes local performances, musical dancing and craft fairs along with other enjoying activities. One can also go on enjoying Mr. Desert Pageant and turban tying completion.

March- The Sacred City of Varanasi

Varanasi is the place where the water of Ganga meets the land and during the month of March, the place organizes a massive tradition of celebrating MahaShivratri. The kids and adult dresses up imitating like Lord Shiva and celebrates his wedding anniversary. The place gets all lightened up along with a large amount of Bhang.

April- The Snowy Ski Slopes of Auli

Do you want to get an escape from the scorching heat of sun during April, simply head to thrilling experience of Auli. For those amateur skiing lovers, the terrains are perfect and lined by the oak and coniferous forests. The fairly cold temperatures ensure that you experience winter, but not get frozen!

May- The Wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park

One of the most popular tourist spots in the country, Jim Corbett National Park is the perfect destination to travel, though this tiger reserve remains closed during the monsoon months of June to November because of the high rainfall. That is why, May is an ideal time when the temperature is simply perfect and the crowd is less.

June- The Stunning Hills of Munnar

For those who want to experience some peace away from the bustling life of the city, Munnar is the finest place to explore and experience .The lush greenery, sparkling rivers and the whistling sound of the valleys gives you the magnificent background to sit and relax. Travel Munnar in the month of June when the showers of the first rain transforms the whole area into a beautiful heaven.

July- The Tranquility of Ladakh

Adorned by the beauty of natural sights at every corner, the ‘ land of high passes’ is an arid desert land with magnificent Himalayas, blue lakes and the lush green beauty of the meadows. The place is perfect for the peace lovers moreover offers various skiing areas which can be visited along with your friends and family.

August- The Verdant Forests of Agumbe

Located on the southern coast of Karnataka, the rain forest of Agumbe is serene and beautiful moreover the receding rainfall of august makes it even more charming. The place has lush green atmosphere, diverse species of animals and some amazing medicinal plants, unique as a feature. The region is also a home to the deadliest king cobras.

September- The scenic valleys of Kodaikanal

The perfect time to visit the scenic valleys of kodaikanal is in the month of September when the rains start to disappear and winter just settling in. The place has a refreshing air of lush green forests and gives you the much needed peace away from the hassles of life.

October- Greenery of Ziro Valley

With the most beautiful valleys, Ziro is the fascinating place with green mountains so invigorating that you will not have witnessed before. The month of transition between monsoon and the approaching winters which is October is the perfect time to experience the exquisite beauty of the region.

November- The Golden Temple at Amritsar

The time of the year the whole of India comes together and celebrate Diwali and what could be a better place than the iconic Golden Temple in Amritsar. The pious shrine is decorated and lightened up with sparkling light of diyas, lamps etc and offers an immense ambience of devotion. Everyone comes and celebrate this festival of light with great enthusiasm.

December- Live to the last in Goa

Finally to the time of the year ending and what could be a better place than heading to Goa, to experience the bliss of Goan owing to the new year and Christmas Celebrations. Festivals like- Sunburn, EDM Festival of the Year add a whole new meaning to the adventure and meaning of life and happiness.

Use this month-by-month calendar to find the best places to travel and book the best holiday packages for these destinations with EaseMyTrip.


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