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Abu Dhabi, a city that shines brightly, holds traces of its past. The region is adorned with forts, tombs and other remnants that reveal its Bronze Age origins. Artefacts here shed light on the presence of Bedouin traders who journeyed along the Silk Roads incense trails.

Moving forward to the 1700s the Bani Yas tribes settled in Abu Dhabi. The name itself means "Land of the gazelle'' in Arabic. According to folklore this vibrant capital was founded when a wandering tribe followed a deer to a source of water, on an island. This tribe includes today's ruling Al Nahyan family. The settlers skillfully adapted to their surroundings. Became seafarers and pearl divers. If you visit Abu Dhabi and explore these heritage sites scattered across the emirate you'll have an opportunity to experience ancient Arabian wonders and cherish time-honoured traditions.

Exploring Abu Dhabi is a delight due to its geography, rich culture and fascinating history. Experience breathtaking desert sunsets in the Empty Quarter, encounter wildlife on Sir Bani Yas Island, glide through mangrove forests on a kayak adventure, admire UNESCO World Heritage sites and stroll beneath centuries old palm trees in lush oases. Prepare to be amazed by the surprises Abu Dhabi has in store for you!

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A Journey of Wonders
My Abu Dhabi journey was an absolute hit! Each moment felt like a personal discovery. Even I got to try various cuisines of the city, which made this trip an unforgettable exploration.
Aryan Verma
Unexpected Delights
Abu Dhabi surpassed my expectations. I visited with my guide the various old-world heritage and contemporary art on Saadiyat Island that allowed me to explore their culture. Thanks to EaseMyTrip for that!
Siddharth Choudhury
Amazing Journey with EaseMyTrip
My Abu Dhabi adventure was the best journey. I got personalized itinerary and a chance to visit top places like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This simply shows that EaseMyTrip is the best travel platform.
Kavya Gupta
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