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AirLines Routes Departure Date Cheap Fare Book
Vistara UK SXR → IXJ Srinagar to Jammu 23 February 2019 Rs 1482 Book Now
SpiceJet SG DEL → IXJ Delhi to Jammu 26 February 2019 Rs 3163 Book Now
SpiceJet SG BOM → IXJ Mumbai to Jammu 26 February 2019 Rs 5299 Book Now
Go Air G8 IXL → IXJ Leh to Jammu 27 February 2019 Rs 1504 Book Now
IndiGo 6E LKO → IXJ Lucknow to Jammu 22 February 2019 Rs 2650 Book Now
SpiceJet SG AMD → IXJ Ahmedabad to Jammu 12 February 2019 Rs 3507 Book Now
IndiGo 6E BLR → IXJ Bangalore to Jammu 26 February 2019 Rs 5988 Book Now
Air India AI PNQ → IXJ Pune to Jammu 26 February 2019 Rs 5043 Book Now
IndiGo 6E HYD → IXJ Hyderabad to Jammu 03 February 2019 Rs 4413 Book Now
Air India AI CCU → IXJ Kolkata to Jammu 22 February 2019 Rs 5485 Book Now
Air India AI BUP → IXJ Bhatinda to Jammu 01 February 2019 Rs 2001 Book Now
IndiGo 6E MAA → IXJ Chennai to Jammu 27 February 2019 Rs 5818 Book Now
Go Air G8 PAT → IXJ Patna to Jammu 25 February 2019 Rs 5794 Book Now
Go Air G8 IXR → IXJ Ranchi to Jammu 21 February 2019 Rs 5427 Book Now
IndiGo 6E GAU → IXJ Guwahati to Jammu 08 February 2019 Rs 6146 Book Now
Go Air G8 GOI → IXJ Goa to Jammu 25 February 2019 Rs 6804 Book Now
Air India AI IDR → IXJ Indore to Jammu 16 February 2019 Rs 4614 Book Now
Air India AI NAG → IXJ Nagpur to Jammu 05 February 2019 Rs 4743 Book Now
IndiGo 6E COK → IXJ Cochin to Jammu 19 February 2019 Rs 6600 Book Now
SpiceJet SG JAI → IXJ Jaipur to Jammu 11 February 2019 Rs 4993 Book Now

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Why to Book Flights to Jammu
The winter capital of Jammu & Kashmir, Jammu is also known as >City of Temples>. The city is full of temples and shrines dotting its land and skyline. It also features picturesque natural places, wildlife sanctuaries, charming lakes, exotic caves, and lively city centers. The striking natural landscape of Jammu makes it one of the most perfect venues for adventure tourism enthusiasts and inspires the tourists to book their air tickets for Jammu.

Airport Services, Connectivity and Flight Information
Jammu Airport witnesses a movement of more than 12,988 passengers every week. Its airport is officially called as Satwari Airport. All major airlines fly from Jammu including SpiceJet, Air India, JetLite, IndiGo, and GoAir. Some of the popular domestic flight routes for Jammu Airport are Jammu to Hyderabad, Jammu to Chennai, Jammu to Bangalore, Jammu to Delhi, Jammu to Kolkata and Jammu to Mumbai. You can find taxis, bus services, and rental cars outside the airport terminal.

EaseMyTrip Recommends
Sightseeing Must visit attractions of Jammu are Purmandal, Vaishno Devi Shrine, Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary, Mansar Lake, Bahu Fort, Raghunath Temple and Peer Kho Cave. You can also explore some of the nearby excursions.
Lunch Jammu is known for its fine restaurants but sund panjeeri, patisa and Rajma-rice is a specialty here. In food of Jammu, you can feel a Kashmiri influence that will tempt your taste buds.
shopping Jammu offers a great shopping opportunity to the traditional and modern shoppers. Raghunath Bazar is a famous place to shop around. Buy handicrafts from the Kashmir Government Arts Emporium and Bahu plaza Shopping Complex and handlooms from Poshish. Buy a wide range of dry fruits from outlets of Jammu.

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