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IndiGo 6E CCU → IXA Kolkata to Agartala 25 May 2019 Rs 2666 Book Now
IndiGo 6E GAU → IXA Guwahati to Agartala 28 May 2019 Rs 1499 Book Now
IndiGo 6E DEL → IXA Delhi to Agartala 25 May 2019 Rs 4704 Book Now
IndiGo 6E BLR → IXA Bangalore to Agartala 24 May 2019 Rs 5161 Book Now
IndiGo 6E MAA → IXA Chennai to Agartala 21 May 2019 Rs 5300 Book Now
IndiGo 6E IMF → IXA Imphal to Agartala 07 May 2019 Rs 1399 Book Now
IndiGo 6E BBI → IXA Bhubaneswar to Agartala 16 May 2019 Rs 3464 Book Now
IndiGo 6E HYD → IXA Hyderabad to Agartala 21 May 2019 Rs 3982 Book Now
IndiGo 6E BOM → IXA Mumbai to Agartala 26 May 2019 Rs 5627 Book Now
IndiGo 6E PNQ → IXA Pune to Agartala 21 May 2019 Rs 6235 Book Now
IndiGo 6E PAT → IXA Patna to Agartala 29 May 2019 Rs 3490 Book Now
IndiGo 6E VTZ → IXA Visakhapatnam to Agartala 21 May 2019 Rs 3062 Book Now
IndiGo 6E AMD → IXA Ahmedabad to Agartala 24 May 2019 Rs 5791 Book Now
IndiGo 6E JAI → IXA Jaipur to Agartala 27 May 2019 Rs 5420 Book Now
IndiGo 6E LKO → IXA Lucknow to Agartala 26 May 2019 Rs 4353 Book Now
IndiGo 6E IXB → IXA Bagdogra to Agartala 20 May 2019 Rs 6405 Book Now
IndiGo 6E IXR → IXA Ranchi to Agartala 22 May 2019 Rs 3594 Book Now
IndiGo 6E RPR → IXA Raipur to Agartala 31 May 2019 Rs 4420 Book Now
IndiGo 6E VNS → IXA Varanasi to Agartala 30 May 2019 Rs 3556 Book Now
IndiGo 6E NAG → IXA Nagpur to Agartala 07 May 2019 Rs 4475 Book Now

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Enjoy Lowest Airfare on Agartala Flight Tickets Agartala is the capital city of the Indian state of Tripura. It is also the largest city in the state as well as the second largest city in North-East region of India following Guwahati. It is not only one of the fastest growing cities of the region but whole India as well. Located on the banks of River Haora, Agartala appeals a number of sightseers with its historical grace. The name of the city has been derived from the words 'Agar' and 'Tala' that refer to the great density of Agarwood trees in this area. If you go through the epigraphic, archaeological and mythological evidences excavated by the historians, you will realize that the glory of the city is flourishing.
Due to being an important city of the North-East India, Agartala is naturally a great choice for the travelers visiting Tripura. The place is enriched in natural beauty and is home to various tribes. With colorful demonstration of diverse cultures, Agartala features many stunning monuments, temples, palaces and handicrafts to explore. The city also has a rich past and its monuments stunningly remind of its glorious past. If you plan to visit Agartala, do not miss to explore the top attractions of the city. It is superbly connect with various cities of India through good network of flights. Agartala Airport is a domestic airport in the city serving the state of Tripura. Regular flights to Agartala are available from various important airports of India. For getting discounts on Agartala flights and enjoying best deals on Agartala air tickets, visit EaseMyTrip.in.

Popular Flight Routes for Agartala Flights Agartala Airport is linked with many important cities of India and. There are many domestic airlines that operate direct flights to Agartala from various places. It is the third busiest domestic airport in North East region of the country as per passenger traffic. At present IndiGo operates 4 flights, SpiceJet operates 3 flights and Air India operates 1 flight daily from and to Agartala. Top domestic flight routes for flights to Agartala are Bangalore to Agartala, Chennai to Agartala, Guwahati to Agartala, Coimbatore to Agartala, Mumbai to Agartala, Kolkata to Agartala and Imphal to Agartala.

EaseMyTrip Recommends Sightseeing Some of the must-visit places in Agartala are Ujjayanta Palace, Tripura State Museum, Jagannath Temple, Agartala Secretariat, Nehru Park, Rabindra Kanan Park, and various natural lakes.
Lunch The developing city of Agartala enjoys great Bengali influence in its cuisines and you can have the feel of Kolkata street food in local dishes. So, food here is a must try-out thing.
forget buy things from Agartala including beautifully adorned lampshades, hand woven fabrics and other things of interior decors. Visit its local markets and several government running shops.

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