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Hyderabad (HYD)
Goa (GOI)
First Flight
Spicejet (SG) - 704
Last Flight
AirIndia (AI) - 51
533.2 km
Starting Fare
Rs 2096
Average Duration
1h 24m
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Hyderabad to Goa Flight Fare (Today`s, Next Week, Next 30 days)

HYD to GOI Cheap Flights Airfare Departure Date Airline Booking
Today's Lowest Fare 5221 23-02-2018 Air Asia Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 7 days 2651 27-02-2018 Air Asia Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 30 days 2096 11-03-2018 IndiGo Book Now

HYD to GOI Flight Schedule

Departure Arrival Date Airlines Duration Lowest Fare Booking
21:00 22:20 11Mar2018 Indigo 6913 01h 20m 2096 Book Now
16:10 17:30 11Mar2018 AirAsia 1517 01h 20m 2299 Book Now
15:25 16:45 11Mar2018 Spicejet 3603 01h 20m 2827 Book Now
09:00 03:20 11Mar2018 AirIndia 966 18h 20m 3065 Book Now
05:40 07:05 11Mar2018 Indigo 743 01h 25m 3102 Book Now
08:15 03:20 11Mar2018 AirIndia 616 19h 05m 3221 Book Now
06:35 03:45 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 349 21h 10m 3273 Book Now
09:50 17:05 11Mar2018 Indigo 608 07h 15m 3349 Book Now
09:00 22:20 11Mar2018 AirIndia 966 13h 20m 3377 Book Now
12:50 14:15 11Mar2018 Indigo 905 01h 25m 3400 Book Now
20:30 00:30 11Mar2018 Indigo 6505 04h 00m 3481 Book Now
08:15 22:20 11Mar2018 AirIndia 616 14h 05m 3533 Book Now
05:25 13:00 11Mar2018 Spicejet 704 07h 35m 3569 Book Now
09:00 14:45 11Mar2018 AirIndia 966 05h 45m 3689 Book Now
09:00 18:00 11Mar2018 AirIndia 966 09h 00m 3689 Book Now
08:15 18:00 11Mar2018 AirIndia 616 09h 45m 3845 Book Now
08:15 14:45 11Mar2018 AirIndia 616 06h 30m 3845 Book Now
06:35 16:35 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 349 10h 00m 4151 Book Now
09:10 16:35 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 458 07h 25m 4151 Book Now
06:20 14:45 11Mar2018 AirIndia 620 08h 25m 4208 Book Now
06:35 06:30 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 349 23h 55m 4208 Book Now
06:35 17:55 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 349 11h 20m 4208 Book Now
09:10 06:30 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 458 21h 20m 4208 Book Now
09:10 03:45 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 458 18h 35m 4208 Book Now
09:10 17:55 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 458 08h 45m 4208 Book Now
09:55 18:10 11Mar2018 AirIndia 515 08h 15m 4460 Book Now
21:15 19:35 11Mar2018 AirIndia 546 22h 20m 4624 Book Now
17:00 22:20 11Mar2018 AirIndia 618 05h 20m 4781 Book Now
12:10 17:05 11Mar2018 Indigo 342 04h 55m 4936 Book Now
15:10 19:30 11Mar2018 Indigo 739 04h 20m 4987 Book Now
19:05 00:30 11Mar2018 Indigo 357 05h 25m 5137 Book Now
09:40 12:50 11Mar2018 AirIndia 9561 03h 10m 5414 Book Now
19:35 03:45 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 392 08h 10m 5456 Book Now
07:50 18:10 11Mar2018 AirIndia 988 10h 20m 5468 Book Now
13:50 19:30 11Mar2018 Indigo 6417 05h 40m 5489 Book Now
09:50 15:20 11Mar2018 Indigo 608 05h 30m 5548 Book Now
22:00 03:20 11Mar2018 AirIndia 51 05h 20m 5560 Book Now
08:35 14:10 11Mar2018 Indigo 151 05h 35m 5648 Book Now
14:55 03:45 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2602 12h 50m 5659 Book Now
12:15 03:45 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2460 15h 30m 5659 Book Now
05:35 12:40 11Mar2018 Indigo 235 07h 05m 5707 Book Now
06:45 12:40 11Mar2018 Indigo 247 05h 55m 5707 Book Now
06:45 14:05 11Mar2018 Indigo 247 07h 20m 5707 Book Now
09:50 16:40 11Mar2018 Indigo 608 06h 50m 5758 Book Now
17:35 19:35 11Mar2018 AirIndia 9562 26h 00m 5799 Book Now
10:55 12:30 11Mar2018 Trujet 2T102 01h 35m 5999 Book Now
07:50 14:45 11Mar2018 AirIndia 988 30h 55m 6984 Book Now
07:50 18:00 11Mar2018 AirIndia 988 34h 10m 6984 Book Now
07:50 12:50 11Mar2018 AirIndia 988 29h 00m 6994 Book Now
21:15 22:20 11Mar2018 AirIndia 546 25h 05m 7036 Book Now
21:15 22:20 11Mar2018 AirIndia 546 25h 05m 7192 Book Now
12:10 16:40 11Mar2018 Indigo 342 04h 30m 7345 Book Now
21:15 14:45 11Mar2018 AirIndia 546 17h 30m 7348 Book Now
21:15 18:00 11Mar2018 AirIndia 546 20h 45m 7348 Book Now
21:15 12:50 11Mar2018 AirIndia 546 15h 35m 7359 Book Now
18:35 12:50 11Mar2018 AirIndia 9867 18h 15m 8013 Book Now
07:50 22:20 11Mar2018 AirIndia 988 14h 30m 8179 Book Now
17:35 12:50 11Mar2018 AirIndia 9562 19h 15m 8533 Book Now
17:05 12:40 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2401 19h 35m 9408 Book Now
17:05 12:40 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2401 19h 35m 9408 Book Now
17:05 14:05 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2401 21h 00m 9408 Book Now
17:05 14:05 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2401 21h 00m 9408 Book Now
17:05 12:40 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2401 19h 35m 10083 Book Now
17:05 14:05 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2401 21h 00m 10083 Book Now
20:10 13:45 11Mar2018 Vistara 870 17h 35m 10946 Book Now
21:00 13:15 11Mar2018 AirIndia 127 16h 15m 11018 Book Now
17:40 13:45 11Mar2018 Vistara 858 20h 05m 11154 Book Now
19:05 13:15 11Mar2018 AirIndia 840 18h 10m 11173 Book Now
17:05 12:40 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2401 19h 35m 11237 Book Now
17:05 12:40 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2401 19h 35m 11237 Book Now
17:05 14:05 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2401 21h 00m 11237 Book Now
17:05 14:05 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2401 21h 00m 11237 Book Now
06:05 16:35 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2822 34h 30m 12109 Book Now
06:05 06:30 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2822 24h 25m 12166 Book Now
06:05 17:55 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2822 35h 50m 12166 Book Now
06:05 03:45 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2822 21h 40m 12166 Book Now
06:40 13:15 11Mar2018 AirIndia 559 06h 35m 12577 Book Now
06:05 12:40 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2822 30h 35m 14271 Book Now
06:05 14:05 11Mar2018 JetAirWays 2822 32h 00m 14271 Book Now
* Above mentioned flights schedule can differ as per subject to availability
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Hyderabad to Goa Flight Details
Visit EaseMyTrip.com to book low cost flight tickets from Hyderabad to Goa. In addition, you will get to know the Hyderabad (HYD) to Goa (GOI) flight status and schedule to check the right time of travel and book air ticket so. In addition, here, on this page, you will get detailed information related to airlines flying on this particular route with their arrival and departure timings. So, enjoy delightful travel experience from Hyderabad to Goa with EaseMyTrip.com. Around 106 flights are flying on the flight route of Hyderabad to Goa. It takes average time of 1 hour and 25 minutes to travel between Hyderabad (HYD) and Goa (GOI). At present, 5+ airline operators fly from Hyderabad to Goa. The first flight of SpiceJet 704 takes off at 5:25AM, while the last evening flight available is AirIndia (AI) – 51 which leave at 10:00PM. The average basic fare of this route starts from Rs. 2,500.

About Hyderabad: Hyderabad is the famous Indian city which is often referred as “City of Pearls” and “City of Nawabs”. This city is the major center for the technology industry in India and is fast gaining the status of a corporate hub. Tourists planning Hyderabad tour can witness a perfect blend of royal heritage and cosmopolitan culture. This marvelous city has two very different sides which portray a completely opposite side of a single city. One side of Hyderabad takes the tourists on a fascinating journey of historical monuments which takes them to the era of the Golconda sultanate whereas the other side of Hyderabad is filled with budding corporate parks, IT industries and glitz and glamour of the bustling city life. This marvelous city is served by several airline carries with flights to and from Hyderabad. International and domestic both types of flights take off from Hyderabad on regular basis. Tourists planning their departure from Hyderabad to their respective destination should plan their journey after having the complete information about the flights. Several low cost airlines also fly from Hyderabad to different locations across the globe. For best flight offer, travelers can also visit EaseMyTrip.

Top Hotels near Hyderabad Airport
Hyderabad is one of the most famous metropolitan cities in India. This amazing city houses end number of options for the travelers and tourists looking for perfect hotel as per their pocket and requirements. However, if you’re the one who are looking for a hotel which is near Hyderabad airport then the city has several options for you as well. Some of the hotels which are located near Hyderabad airport are Novotel Hyderabad Airport, Vjr Residency, Sri Anupama Residency, Neem Tree Hyderabad Airport, First Transit and OYO 6663 Airport Pride Inn etc.

Hyderabad Airport Information
Hyderabad airport is also called as “Rajiv Gandhi International Airport”. This airport was named after the former Prime Minister of India “Rajiv Gandhi”. Several domestic and International flights take off from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on regular basis that too from a single terminal. Airlines which serve Hyderabad airport are JetLite, Air India, IndiGo, JetKonnect, SpiceJet, Etihad, British Airways, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and Malaysian Airlines etc. There are various low cost airlines which fly from Hyderabad to Goa and to other famous tourist destinations of India. To get cheap flight ticket from Hyderabad visit EaseMyTrip.com
Hyderabad Airport Address: Hyderabad International Airport Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500409
About Goa: Palm fringed beaches, happening nightlife, peace, tranquility and outstanding Portuguese architecture perfectly defines Goa. This destination is India’s popular tourist destination amongst the beach and water adventure loving folks. Goa as a destination has an extensive history as a Portuguese colony and this gorgeous destination still boasts Portuguese colonial heritage and has well preserved churches and monuments. This amazing tourist destination has a lot to offer from beautiful landscape to quiet fishing coves, from beaches to waterfalls, from stunning churches to wildlife sanctuaries. Moreover, Goa is quite popular amongst the adventure enthusiasts as here one can indulge in JetSki, Parasailing, Banana Boat Ride, Snorkeling and Scuba-Diving etc. Travelers planning Goa tour can easily visit this gorgeous destination as Goa is served by various airlines carries through end number of flights to Goa. There are several low cost airlines as well which offer cheap flights to Goa so that the tourists can make unforgettable memories. To get the budget friendly flight deal travelers and tourists can also visit EaseMyTrip.

When to Fly Goa
Goa being one of the popular tourist destinations of India welcomes the tourists throughout the year. However, the best time to fly Goa is from mid November to mid February. These months are considered the best time to explore the party capital of India as it is the perfect time to enjoy beach bumming and to explore popular attractions of Goa. Tourists can plan Goa tour with low cost airlines which offer flights to Goa.

Connectivity & Transportation in Goa
To explore Goa and to discover every nook and corner of this destination, there are certain modes of transportation which the tourists and travelers can use while on Goa tour. Majority of the population in Goa largely depends of privately operated buses which connects this amazing tourist destination to rural areas and major towns. So, tourists visiting Goa can use buses. Apart from this one can go for unmetered taxis, motorcycle taxies and auto rickshaws as well.
Goa Airport Address : Goa Airport :Dabolim Airport Dabolim Airport, Vasco da Gama, GA 403801
Que. How many flights fly from Hyderabad to Goa Per Day?
Ans. 79 flights fly from Hyderabad to Goa per day.
Que. Which is the earliest flight to take from Hyderabad to Goa?
Ans. The earliest flight to take from Hyderabad to Goa is at 05:25.
Que. How long is the flight from Hyderabad to Goa?
Ans. Hyderabad to Goa flight takes total 1h 24m to reach Goa.
Que. What is the code of airport in Hyderabad?
Ans. HYD
Que. What is the code of airport in Goa?
Ans. GOI
Que. Appox distance between Hyderabad to Goa?
Ans. 533.2 kilometers is the approximate distance between Hyderabad to Goa.
Que. When does the last flight leave from Hyderabad?
Ans. The last flight is AirIndia (AI) - 51 leave at 22:00 from Hyderabad.