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Chennai (MAA)
Jaipur (JAI)
First Flight
JetAirWays (9W) - 828
Last Flight
Indigo (6E) - 755
1604.9 km
Starting Fare
Rs 3653
Average Duration
2h 50m
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Chennai to Jaipur Flight Fare (Today`s, Next Week, Next 30 days)

MAA to JAI Cheap Flights Airfare Departure Date Airline Booking
Today's Lowest Fare 7682 23-02-2018 IndiGo Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 7 days 5528 27-02-2018 IndiGo Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 30 days 3653 17-03-2018 IndiGo Book Now

MAA to JAI Flight Schedule

Departure Arrival Date Airlines Duration Lowest Fare Booking
13:55 19:45 17Mar2018 Indigo 119 05h 50m 3653 Book Now
15:25 19:35 17Mar2018 Indigo 442 04h 10m 3782 Book Now
12:55 19:45 17Mar2018 Indigo 238 06h 50m 3833 Book Now
16:30 21:40 17Mar2018 Indigo 302 05h 10m 3870 Book Now
21:15 02:50 17Mar2018 Indigo 232 05h 35m 4255 Book Now
02:10 07:05 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 828 04h 55m 5440 Book Now
23:30 02:20 17Mar2018 Indigo 755 02h 50m 5528 Book Now
14:55 23:30 17Mar2018 Indigo 183 08h 35m 5552 Book Now
19:45 07:05 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2447 11h 20m 5602 Book Now
06:20 07:10 17Mar2018 AirIndia 569 24h 50m 5690 Book Now
18:20 07:05 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 840 12h 45m 5888 Book Now
18:20 09:00 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 840 14h 40m 5888 Book Now
13:40 07:05 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 740 17h 25m 5888 Book Now
13:40 09:00 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 740 19h 20m 5888 Book Now
19:25 07:05 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 831 11h 40m 5888 Book Now
19:25 09:00 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 831 13h 35m 5888 Book Now
21:35 07:10 17Mar2018 AirIndia 93 09h 35m 5897 Book Now
02:10 09:00 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 828 06h 50m 5908 Book Now
12:20 19:05 17Mar2018 Indigo 621 06h 45m 6371 Book Now
02:10 09:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 828 07h 30m 6428 Book Now
02:10 21:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 828 19h 30m 6428 Book Now
13:45 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 429 06h 35m 6657 Book Now
13:15 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 488 07h 05m 6657 Book Now
11:30 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 460 08h 50m 6657 Book Now
08:20 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 466 12h 00m 6657 Book Now
07:00 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 489 13h 20m 6657 Book Now
02:30 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 7012 17h 50m 6657 Book Now
22:00 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 492 22h 20m 6657 Book Now
11:35 18:05 17Mar2018 Indigo 892 06h 30m 6666 Book Now
18:20 21:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 840 27h 20m 6974 Book Now
13:25 07:10 17Mar2018 AirIndia 563 17h 45m 7157 Book Now
13:25 07:10 17Mar2018 AirIndia 563 17h 45m 7417 Book Now
10:25 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2354 09h 55m 7593 Book Now
08:40 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2301 11h 40m 7593 Book Now
07:20 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2319 13h 00m 7593 Book Now
19:15 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 470 25h 05m 7665 Book Now
16:40 21:00 17Mar2018 Indigo 237 04h 20m 7682 Book Now
13:45 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 429 17h 55m 7836 Book Now
13:15 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 488 18h 25m 7836 Book Now
11:30 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 460 20h 10m 7836 Book Now
08:20 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 466 23h 20m 7836 Book Now
07:00 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 489 24h 40m 7836 Book Now
02:30 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 7012 05h 10m 7836 Book Now
22:00 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 492 09h 40m 7836 Book Now
18:05 07:10 17Mar2018 AirIndia 987 13h 05m 8023 Book Now
09:55 20:00 17Mar2018 AirIndia 430 10h 05m 8060 Book Now
08:45 20:00 17Mar2018 AirIndia 143 11h 15m 8060 Book Now
06:10 20:00 17Mar2018 AirIndia 440 13h 50m 8060 Book Now
15:00 07:10 17Mar2018 AirIndia 672 16h 10m 8133 Book Now
13:40 21:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 740 08h 00m 8154 Book Now
10:30 21:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 736 11h 10m 8154 Book Now
17:00 20:00 17Mar2018 AirIndia 539 27h 00m 8424 Book Now
13:40 18:10 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 740 28h 30m 8564 Book Now
19:15 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 470 12h 25m 8647 Book Now
07:20 07:10 17Mar2018 AirIndia 9561 23h 50m 8817 Book Now
21:05 20:00 17Mar2018 AirIndia 43 22h 55m 8944 Book Now
19:45 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2447 11h 55m 9122 Book Now
19:45 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2447 11h 55m 9122 Book Now
08:40 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2301 11h 40m 9122 Book Now
07:20 20:20 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2319 13h 00m 9122 Book Now
18:55 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2543 12h 45m 9122 Book Now
18:55 07:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2543 12h 45m 9122 Book Now
18:20 09:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 840 15h 20m 9437 Book Now
13:40 09:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 740 20h 00m 9437 Book Now
18:20 19:50 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 840 25h 30m 9697 Book Now
10:25 21:40 17Mar2018 JetAirWays 2354 11h 15m 10738 Book Now
11:30 20:00 17Mar2018 AirIndia 671 08h 30m 11043 Book Now
* Above mentioned flights schedule can differ as per subject to availability
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Chennai to Jaipur Flight Details
Visit to book cheap flight tickets for the route from Chennai to Jaipur. Moreover, you will get to know the Chennai (MAA) to Jaipur (JAI) flight schedule and status to choose the best time of travel and booking cheap air ticket accordingly. Here, you will get detailed information and facts related to airlines flying on this specified route with their arrival and departure timings. So, enjoy wonderful travel experience from Chennai to Jaipur with Around 68 flights take off daily for the flight route of Chennai to Jaipur. The average air travel time takes around 2 hours and 35 minutes to travel between these two beautiful cities of India. At present, only 1 airline is flying between Chennai (MAA) and Jaipur (JAI) flight route which offers nonstop flight. The first flight JetAirWays 9W-828 takes off at 2:10 AM, while the last flight IndiGo 6E-755 leaves at 11:30 PM. The average airfare for Chennai to Jaipur starts from Rs. 3,497.

About Chennai: Chennai is a famous metro city and is also the capital city of the state Tamil Nadu. This city is the fifth largest city in India and is fourth most populous urban agglomeration in India. Chennai is amongst the much loved Indian cities which is frequently visited by foreigner tourists. There are many interesting places to visit in Chennai which the tourists can explore while on Chennai tour. Moreover, this city houses something for each and every type of traveler, be it history buff, foodie or photography buff. Owing to its popularity, this city is well connected with other cities through air routes managed by airline carriers and almost all the major airlines serve Chennai international airport. Several low cost flights also fly from Chennai to Jaipur and to other domestic and international flight routes.

Top Restaurants near Chennai Airport
Cinnamon, Arcot Bar, Samudra, Madurai Idly Shop, The Burger Shop and Aiswarya Restaurant etc are some of the famous restaurants which are located in close proximity to Chennai international airport. Travelers and tourists passing by or travelling by Chennai airport can visit these restaurants to satisfy their hunger pangs.

Chennai Airport Information
Chennai international airport is situated at Tirisulam. It was the first airport of India which have both International and Domestic terminal adjacent to each other and is the third busiest airport in terms of cargo movement and passenger traffic. This popular airport has two terminals domestic & international which are named after two Indian former ministers and are called as Kamaraj Terminal and Anna Terminal for domestic and international flight respectively. Operating airlines on Chennai airport from the domestic terminal are Air India, Indigo, SpiceJet and JetLite. Moreover, international airlines include British Airways, Air Asia, Emirates, Etihad and Malaysian Airlines etc. There are several low cost airlines which fly from Chennai to Jaipur and to other air routes.
Chennai Airport Address: Chennai International Airport, Meenambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
About Jaipur: Jaipur is a stunning Indian city which is fondly called as Pink City. This amazing city is cradled by the magnificent Aravalis and is nestled on the edge of the Thar Desert in the Eastern part of Rajasthan. Jaipur is the gorgeous tourist destination which is known for being the city of royals and for housing some of the marvelous piece of architecture. Every year this city attracts large number of tourists from different destinations. Moreover, tourists planning Jaipur tour can easily reach this astonishing destination as the city is well connected with other destinations through air routes. Travelers can easily book cheap flight to Jaipur with best flight offers from

When to Fly Jaipur
The best time to visit Jaipur is winters from the month of October till March. During winters, travelers can explore the attractions of Jaipur in the pleasant weather without facing the scorching heat which the city experiences in summers. Moreover, tourists visiting Jaipur in January can also enjoy Jaipur Literature Fest.

Best Hotels in Jaipur
RnB Select Empire Regency, Hotel Apex Intercontinental, Hotel Royal Villa Jaipur, Hotel Royal Sheraton, White Lily and Hotel Eurasia etc are some of the best hotels in Jaipur. Tourists looking for the best and luxurious hotels in Jaipur can opt to stay in the above mentioned hotels.
Jaipur Airport Address : Jaipur Airport Airport Road, Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302011, India
Que. How many flights fly from Chennai to Jaipur Per Day?
Ans. 67 flights fly from Chennai to Jaipur per day.
Que. Which is the earliest flight to take from Chennai to Jaipur?
Ans. The earliest flight to take from Chennai to Jaipur is at 02:10.
Que. How long is the flight from Chennai to Jaipur?
Ans. Chennai to Jaipur flight takes total 2h 50m to reach Jaipur.
Que. What is the code of airport in Chennai?
Ans. MAA
Que. What is the code of airport in Jaipur?
Ans. JAI
Que. Appox distance between Chennai to Jaipur?
Ans. 1604.9 kilometers is the approximate distance between Chennai to Jaipur.
Que. When does the last flight leave from Chennai?
Ans. The last flight is Indigo (6E) - 755 leave at 23:30 from Chennai.