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Bangalore (BLR)
Singapore (SIN)
First Flight
Lufthansa Airways (LH) - 755
Last Flight
AirAsia (AK) - 52
3181.9 km
Starting Fare
Rs 8928
Average Duration
4h 31m
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Bangalore to Singapore Flight Fare (Today`s, Next Week, Next 30 days)

BLR to SIN Cheap Flights Airfare Departure Date Airline Booking
Today's Lowest Fare 8928 23-02-2018 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 7 days 8928 23-02-2018 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 30 days 8928 23-02-2018 Air India Book Now

BLR to SIN Flight Schedule

Departure Arrival Date Airlines Duration Lowest Fare Booking
21:20 04:30 23Feb2018 Indigo 73 04h 40m 9400 Book Now
11:40 18:30 23Feb2018 AirIndia 564 28h 20m 10148 Book Now
03:35 07:30 23Feb2018 SriLankan Airlines 174 25h 25m 12068 Book Now
21:05 13:55 23Feb2018 SriLankan Airlines 172 14h 20m 15769 Book Now
14:35 04:40 23Feb2018 Indigo 237 11h 35m 16278 Book Now
09:50 16:50 23Feb2018 Silk Air 423 04h 30m 16616 Book Now
09:50 16:50 23Feb2018 Singapore Airlines 5333 04h 30m 16616 Book Now
23:20 09:35 23Feb2018 AirAsia 52 10h 15m 17332 Book Now
23:20 21:20 23Feb2018 AirAsia 52 22h 00m 19642 Book Now
23:20 11:45 23Feb2018 AirAsia 52 12h 25m 21218 Book Now
11:10 18:10 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 24 04h 30m 21615 Book Now
21:05 18:40 23Feb2018 SriLankan Airlines 172 19h 05m 23392 Book Now
12:00 23:55 23Feb2018 Malayasian Airways 105 09h 25m 23441 Book Now
07:00 18:00 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 478 08h 30m 23945 Book Now
12:00 09:05 23Feb2018 Malayasian Airways 105 18h 35m 24058 Book Now
06:10 21:15 23Feb2018 AirIndia 804 12h 35m 26516 Book Now
23:05 14:30 23Feb2018 AirAsia 138 15h 25m 27144 Book Now
23:05 10:30 23Feb2018 AirAsia 138 11h 25m 28614 Book Now
23:10 06:10 23Feb2018 Silk Air 5843 04h 30m 30476 Book Now
23:10 06:10 23Feb2018 Singapore Airlines 503 04h 30m 30476 Book Now
05:45 18:00 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 410 09h 45m 31523 Book Now
22:50 18:00 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 393 16h 40m 33212 Book Now
20:30 18:00 23Feb2018 Jet AirWays 442 19h 00m 33547 Book Now
17:00 21:15 23Feb2018 AirIndia 503 25h 45m 35976 Book Now
13:30 21:15 23Feb2018 AirIndia 501 29h 15m 36024 Book Now
07:20 18:00 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 2801 32h 10m 42884 Book Now
18:00 06:00 23Feb2018 AirIndia 9511 09h 30m 44511 Book Now
09:35 10:05 23Feb2018 Etihad Airways 287 22h 00m 45510 Book Now
04:10 10:05 23Feb2018 Etihad Airways 217 27h 25m 45599 Book Now
07:20 18:00 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 2801 32h 10m 46325 Book Now
21:50 10:05 23Feb2018 Etihad Airways 237 33h 45m 47646 Book Now
19:50 06:00 23Feb2018 Jet AirWays 2649 07h 40m 50176 Book Now
07:20 18:00 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 2801 32h 10m 50462 Book Now
03:35 13:55 23Feb2018 SriLankan Airlines 174 07h 50m 51579 Book Now
19:45 09:25 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 812 11h 10m 52167 Book Now
04:20 21:05 23Feb2018 Emirates Airlines 569 38h 15m 55518 Book Now
04:20 21:05 23Feb2018 Emirates Airlines 569 38h 15m 55607 Book Now
04:20 20:55 23Feb2018 Emirates Airlines 569 14h 05m 55858 Book Now
19:20 07:45 23Feb2018 AirIndia 610 09h 55m 63314 Book Now
21:10 21:15 23Feb2018 AirIndia 173 21h 35m 63892 Book Now
08:55 09:25 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 2537 22h 00m 65172 Book Now
15:15 18:00 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 808 24h 15m 76689 Book Now
03:35 21:05 23Feb2018 SriLankan Airlines 174 15h 00m 78953 Book Now
15:15 18:00 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 808 24h 15m 83581 Book Now
07:10 18:30 23Feb2018 Jet AirWays 2306 08h 50m 86298 Book Now
18:05 09:25 23Feb2018 JetAirWays 448 12h 50m 101257 Book Now
18:05 07:45 23Feb2018 Jet AirWays 448 11h 10m 104899 Book Now
21:05 21:05 23Feb2018 SriLankan Airlines 172 21h 30m 119850 Book Now
03:35 17:05 23Feb2018 Lufthansa Airways 755 35h 00m 141877 Book Now
07:00 15:55 23Feb2018 British Airways 118 30h 25m 151797 Book Now
05:20 07:50 23Feb2018 AirIndia 6747 24h 00m 264217 Book Now
* Above mentioned flights schedule can differ as per subject to availability
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Bangalore to Singapore Flight Details
Book cheap flights from Bangalore to Singapore with and enjoy a memorable travel experience. Identify the best flight booking deals on Bangalore Singapore route and book the most appropriate airline to travel. We also display information like first flights, last flights and travel duration of various airlines flying between Mumbai and Singapore. So, book Mumbai Singapore flights without delay and be sure of paying the cheapest airfare.

Bangalore to Singapore Flight Booking
The stunning lush green gardens and tastefully maintained parks have made Bangalore the 'Garden City of India’ while IT development has given it the title of the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. Bangalore invites a number of business and leisure travelers and turns to be a hotspot travel destination. Situated at a distance of 3183 km from Bangalore, Singapore is an amazing island country sited in the southern tip of Malay Peninsula of Southeast Asia. This city is a paradise for shopaholics as it offers great shopping opportunities ranging from street markets to lavish shopping malls. Singapore also offers excellent prospects of trade and investment. Due to being an important flight route, regular flights from Bangalore to Singapore fly to make the journeys convenient and comfy.

Airline Options between Bangalore & Singapore
The highly popular flight route of Bangalore to Singapore allows several airline carriers operate plenty of Bangalore to Singapore flights. More than 60 non-stop, connecting and direct flights take off daily from Bangalore to Singapore. Non-stop flights from Bangalore take around 4 hours 30 minutes to reach Singapore. Top airline carriers like Air India, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and TigerAir fly on this route.

Average Airfare
Due to the reasons like cabin class, day of journey, airlines, and travel time, the airfare of flights from Bangalore to Singapore varies extensively. Owing to this variation in airfare, the price for Bangalore to Singapore flight tickets somewhere starts from Rs. 12000 per person in Economy Class and may goes beyond Rs. 180000 as per the above mentioned factors. Choose to book flights with any budget airlines that may ensure you grabbing some good deals. Advance booking and round trip of Bangalore to Singapore flights may also reduce your travel cost.

Flight Schedule
• Tiger Air operates the first flight on this route with departure time of 1:05 AM from Bangalore and arrival time of 8:15 AM in Singapore. • The last non-stop flight departing on this route is Singapore Airlines at 11:05 PM from Bangalore and arriving at 06:10 AM in Singapore. • Everyday more than 2 flights take off from Bangalore to Singapore

Bangalore Airport Address: Bangalore International Airport Limited, Administration Block, Bangalore International Airport, Devanahalli - 560 300, India
Singapore Airport Address : Changi Airport Singapore, Airport Blvd, Singapore
Que. How many flights fly from Bangalore to Singapore Per Day?
Ans. 51 flights fly from Bangalore to Singapore per day.
Que. Which is the earliest flight to take from Bangalore to Singapore?
Ans. The earliest flight to take from Bangalore to Singapore is at 03:35.
Que. How long is the flight from Bangalore to Singapore?
Ans. Bangalore to Singapore flight takes total 4h 31m to reach Singapore.
Que. What is the code of airport in Bangalore?
Ans. BLR
Que. What is the code of airport in Singapore?
Ans. SIN
Que. Appox distance between Bangalore to Singapore?
Ans. 3181.9 kilometers is the approximate distance between Bangalore to Singapore.
Que. When does the last flight leave from Bangalore?
Ans. The last flight is AirAsia (AK) - 52 leave at 23:20 from Bangalore.