Top Places to Explore in Western Australia

Ishita Patel August 10, 2023

Table of Contents:

Rottnest Island 
Swan Valley
Margaret River Region


Are you searching for your perfect escape and weekend getaway? If yes, then Western Australia is the splendorous marvel on the earth that is all set to surprise you with inspiring and unforgettable landscapes. From the awe-inspiring wilderness to the exquisite phenomenon, Western Australia has limitless attractive destinations. You can dwell in the grandeur of the country to awaken your senses by exploring spectacular scenery. Thus, if you desire to be the lucky one, then here are the top 6 places to visit in Western Australia. 
Here’s the well-curated list of the best 6 places to visit in Western Australia, wherein everyone must soak in to unfold the diverse horizons of the country’s beauty.
With this exciting venture, tourists from all across the globe can witness the pristine beaches, unique rock formations, boundless natural adventure, rugged forges, towering forests, majestic landscapes, glistening towering forests, best bars and historical monuments. Capturing the essence of these tourist attractions can truly offer a magical experience. So, why give up on your dream, come let's unfold these sublime wonders in the beautiful realm of Western Australia. 


Now let’s plunge into these splendid destinations one by one to get the inside-out overlook of these places nestled in Western Australia. 

1) Perth


Fringed with Indian oceans, Perth is one of the spectacular tourist attractions of Western Australia. As the sunniest capital city in Australia, this tourist attraction is blessed with sandy beaches and lush parks. The electrifying lifestyle, exciting events, sunny ambience and beautiful layers of amber hues are the soul of this famous place. 

Besides this, Perth is the central hub for diverse aquariums, Western Australian Museums, islands, and fantastic restaurants or well-rugged pubs. Here foody buffs can try amazing food and drinks to have a great feast. So, travel fanatics who want to have an immersive travelling experience must create a Western Australia bucket list to explore wonders around the world.


Things to do in Perth

  • You can unfold fringing wineries, Rottnest Island, Western metropolis, Elizabeth Quay and Optus Stadium to know the nitty & gritty of Western Australia. 
  • Snap beautiful pictures of cockatoos, kangaroos and quokkas in Rottnest Islands. 
  • Visit Pinnacles Desert during sunsets and explore micro boutiques, street murals, Boola Bardip and the magnificent Art Gallery of WA. 

2) Fremantle


Fremantle is another gem of the Western Australia that can be easily explored just by walking or riding a bike. Globally renowned for its multicultural blend, Fremantle is currently thronged with retro modern micro-breweries, vivid entertainment attractions & fine dining restaurants that evoke the sense of pleasure in paradise.

With its high-energy clubs, cafes, buzzing markets and captivating architecture it can leave an everlasting impact on tourists around the world. Whether you are from Asia, Europe or America, once you enter Fremantle, it’s guaranteed that you’ll fall in awe with its catchy paths.


Things to Do in Fremantle

  • Enjoy sipping brimming hot cappuccino, exploring Fremantle Prison tunnel tower, Fremantle markets, bathers beach and visiting micro-breweries. 
  • Travel to some of the best galleries such as the Shipwreck Museum, cafes, and streets with art and shops.  

3) Rottnest Island


Are you craving to visit paradise in Western Australia? If yes, then Rottnest Island is the ideal destination for you. Dotted with coastal landscapes, pristine beaches & bay, this tourist attraction has grabbed the attention of many. Young travel enthusiasts usually visit Rottnest Island to rejuvenate themselves on the uncrowded beaches. 

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this iconic destination is also a residence for the world-class quokkas. Thus, voyagers who want to be familiar with Western Australian routes can visit Rottnest Island to capture lighthouses, war relics, and lanes and engage in various thrill-seeking activities. Along with this, there are approximately 63 beaches along with 20 bays so you can relax in these. Discover marine wildlife, cherish the catamaran cruise and can go hiking.


Things to Do in Rottnest Island

  • Take a deep dive into the cool oceans and explore the abundant sea life through swimming and snorkelling. 
  • Click amazing selfies with photogenic Quokkas, and look at numerous coral species or aquatic animals. 
  • You can also go for broad walks on Parker Point and Salmon Bay snorkel trails thronged with underwater panels. 

4) Swan Valley


Located near Perth, Swan Valley is the oldest wine region in Western Australia, wherein explorers can explore several untapped attractions seamlessly. From sacks of addictive coffee beans to refreshing distilled alcoholic beverages, everything is rustic and eye-catchy here. 

As the most eminent tourist attraction, it has the most famous grander wineries that arouse relaxing inclusiveness. So, if you are craving to attain a sense of relaxed inclusiveness and feel special then visiting Swan Valley once is worth giving a chance. 

Things to Do in Swan Valley

  • Visit vintage Whiteman Park and take specially guided tasting tours while travelling on cruise, kayak, horse-drawn wagon etc. 
  • Also peek into the Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery, Mandoon Estate and Sandalford wine to try high-end wines. 
  • Wander around the Caversham Wildlife Park, Giniversity, Adventure Centre, vineyards, art galleries, Swan Valley and Animal Farms. 
  • Gaze at live bees in the House of Honey and try delectable chocolates in Mondo Nougat Factory. 

5) Pinnacles


The epic replica of the Lunar Pinnacles is one of the most intriguing places in Australia that’s globally recognized for its enthralling sceneries. This place usually has gigantic limestone spirals that are fabricated from the yellow sands of Nambung National Park. 

You can glare at the marvellous phenomena and experience natural water and wind forces that moulded the Pinnacle after innumerable decades. Consequently, wanderers must visit Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre once in Western Australia to get a glimpse of interpretive displays and sunsets.  


Things to Do in Pinnacles

  • Immersive yourself in the tranquil natural ambience and escape into guided walks. 
  • Try mountain bike trails, see rich biodiversity, and watch the sunset while having a picnic with your loved ones. 

6) Margaret River Region


Fringed with striking yet remarkable cliffs, beaches sprawling forests, and headlands, the Margaret River Region can make anyone speechless. With enriched soils and soothing weather, this overwhelming tourist attraction leaves an everlasting impact on the soul of visitors with its premium-quality wines. 

From the best distilled drinks and whiskeys to mouth-watering and fresh dishes, Margaret River Region consists of all that connect travellers and locals with ease. So, thrill-seekers who closely want to meet locals to deepen their connections and with the destination should now visit the Margaret River Region. 


Things to Do in the Margaret River Region

  • Go on a coasteering adrenaline-rushing activity, take surfing training and explore Busselton Jetty,  lake cave, Margaret River Farmer market, Wadandi Track, and Chardonnay trail. 
  • Travel around Sculpture Park to marvel at giant sculptures intricately designed from woods & stones. 
  • Try craft beers in Shelter brewing and wines in Margaret River Wine Cycle Trail, and have delicious ice creams and handmade chocolates.


Thus, if you are dreaming to absorb the untouched serene beauty of Western Australia then we recommend booking Western Australia tour packages with us. As a reliable travel platform, we aim to provide personalised travel itineraries and customised plans hassle-free to meet budget requirements. So, why wait? Book now!

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