Top Places to Celebrate International Yoga Day in India

Hruditya Mohan June 20, 2023
  1. Rishikesh
  2. Delhi
  3. Dharamshala 
  4. Varkala 
  5. Goa 
  6. Auroville 

When it comes to stress-relieving, fitness freaks or health-enthusiast prefer hitting the gym and performing excruciating exercises to remain healthy. It’s a great routine to remain in shape. But engaging in enchanting activities like Yoga has the potential to alleviate stress and ailments. It is a serene ancient practice that lets you embark on an enthralling journey that transcends physical boundaries and broadens horizons. 

Yoga is a soul-pleasing and comforting exercise. Due to this travel fanatics constantly wander around breathtaking destinations to attain calming and soothing experiences. They perform diverse yoga mudras and Surya namaskar on pristine beaches and gigantic mounds. Even seasoned yogis explore the world in search of the unparalleled transformative power of movement, wanderlust and movements. 

Therefore, to witness the harmonious convergence of yoga and travel realms, here’s the list of exquisite top places to visit for celebrating Yoga Day. At these sublime places, you can unfold the magical path packed with rejuvenation, boundless joy and self-discovery.

Top Places for Tourists to Celebrate International Yoga Day in India 

1. Rishikesh 


One of the most sacred destinations of India, Rishikesh has established itself as the pious place to perform yogic practices. Thronged with historical yet eye-catching shrines, this site in Uttarakhand has looted the hearts of innumerable Sanatanis. Even international pilgrims wander around its most divine places to relish the spiritual, comforting and untouched atmosphere.

The divine ambience and top tourist destination in Rishikesh are always attracting tours from across the globe. Therefore, if you are on a journey to capture the essence of the spiritual dimension while performing Yoga, then add this site to your best place to travel in India. 

How to Reach Rishikesh 

- Book your flights to the nearest airport i.e Dehradun Airport or Jolly Grant Airport to reach the destination. 

- Take the train to Haridwar and then take a bus or hire taxis to reach the site. 

2. Delhi 


Located in the heart of India, Delhi is the capital city of the nation that compels or persuades health enthusiasts to roll out maps for Yoga. From prominent personalities like the Prime Minister, actors, and performers to common people, everyone is being bitten by the yoga bug. 

Even children from schools actively and devotedly indulge in yogic exercises in ashrams and workshops conducted by the government. Every landmark gets frequented by a massive audience who are seeking inner healing. So, if you are the one who’s craving to fulfil your yogic fantasy with a traveller’s delights. Then the most popular places to see in Delhi are waiting for you. 

How to Reach Delhi

- Book flight to Delhi i.e. Indira Gandhi International Airport and then you can book a cab to visit the city. 

- Find buses from cities like Jaipur, Agra, Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Dehradun etc.

3. Dharamshala 


Are you searching for unmatched peace or an ideal setting, wherein you can take a break from the hustle and bustle? If yes, then Dharamshala is the ideal tourist attraction, where you can blend in perfectly and settle comfortably. Interspersed with the mosaic of majestic mountain ranges and lush green pines, Dharamshala offers an unrivalled atmosphere. 

Apart from this, Dharamshala has the most famous places to travel in India. Here you can try over-the-top Sattvik brunches and visit meditation institutes in India. Moreover, in Dharamshala, you get the opportunity to connect with professional yoga teachers and retreat yourself. 

How to Reach Dharamshala 

- Book your flights to the nearest airport i.e Gaggal Airport from New Delhi and then hire a cab.  

- Book a train ticket to Pathankot and then take a bus to reach Dharamshala. 

4. Varkala


Every yogi deserves a better place to fulfil yogic desires. So, for the successful accomplishment of this task, voyagers escape into the chilling peaks of hills. It’s the best way to cherish immersive travelling and meditation experiences. However, when you think of yoga and the hilly offbeat areas, then we suggest not forgetting about Varkala. 

It’s the most iconic destination in Kerala that’s fringed with sea and an appropriate destination to celebrate Yoga. Tourists can sync into sustainable living and retreat by getting in touch with Gurus. 

How to Reach Varkala

- Reach Trivandrum International Airport and then book a taxi or bus to reach Varkala.

- Go to Varkala-Sivagiri Railway Station, which is connected to Trivandrum. 

5. Goa 


Can you imagine that the place recognized for its electrifying events is also known for its optimal spirituality and serenity? If not, then Goa is one of the party capitals of India, that’s also renowned globally for practising yoga near captivating beaches. Undoubtedly, Goa is one of the most awe-inspiring attractions that celebrate international yoga day seriously with never-ending passion.

Even to amplify the ambience, grand celebrations are carried out in the best places in Goa that grab the attention of visitors. So, without a doubt making an online flight booking for Goa during international yoga day is the best thing to do. 

How to Reach Goa 

- Book direct flights to Goa and then book a cab to reach the destination. 

- You can reach Sampark Kranti Express, Trivandrum Express or Margao’s Madgaon Railway Station. 

6. Auroville 


Nestled around the most peaceful locations of the nation, Auroville is another gem of India that gained immense popularity amidst spirituals. Present in Tamil Nadu, Auroville is another site that offers soothing, invigorating and reviving vibes to the youth engaged in yoga. The destination comprises tall pine trees, Matrimandir with golden spheres, green gardens and beautiful landscapes. 

Apart from this, Auroville is adorned with a peaceful environment. Due to this, this yoga hub is highly studded with young youthful yoga learners. Thus, if you are dreaming to enjoy the international yoga day, then don’t skip the top places to travel to in Auroville to celebrate the event. 

How to Reach Auroville

- Book a flight to Pondicherry or Chennai and then hire a taxi to reach Auroville. 

- Book a nearby railway station i.e.Puducherry Railway station and then hire a cab. 

So, these are the top places for tourists to celebrate International Yoga Day in India, wherein you can experience the beauty of yoga intertwining with the magic of travel. From finding inner peace to intricate pathways, these above-mentioned places consist of them all. Due to such magnificence, yoga practitioners navigate around the unexplored realms for self-discovery.

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