Top Color-Coded Indian Sites Resembling with Rainbow

Hruditya Mohan July 18, 2023

Blue City, Jodhpur

Pink City, Jaipur

Red City, Ajmer

Orange City, Nagpur

Yellow City, Jaisalmer

Green city, Thiruvananthapuram

Silver City Cuttack


Indeed, there are 7 wonders of the world. Amidst these India is one of the universal nations that fortified its place with its magnificent Taj Mahal. And why not? We are aware that India is a magnificent land that symbolises the beautiful blend of cultural immersion, historical relics and pilgrims. Its evergreen natural wonders and cities frequented with diverse hotspots leave a lasting impression on the soul of travellers. Owing to such sublime charm, pilgrims constantly search for the top places to visit in India.

With its vibrant spices, cherry blossoms and other natural jewels, our national pride echoes its vivid tones. But do you know that just like the 7 wonders of the world, India also encompasses destinations that represent the 7 colours of the prism. Now, you might be thinking that it’s a myth. 

So, to eradicate such misperception, here's a well-curated list of top colour-coded Indian sites resembling with Rainbow. At these places, you can experience the serendipity and rich shades of Indian cities. 

Top Indian Sites Resembling with Diverse Rainbow Colours  

1. Blue City, Jodhpur


When it comes to a picture-friendly destination packed with vivid shades of Blue, then Jodhpur is a famous place to visit in Rajasthan. This majestic destination is filled with opulence and every stretch of this city bleeds the blue tones of cobalt and Lapis. As per the history, it’s said that these buildings were painted blue by the Brahmins. But now people usually opt for this colour to commence the cooling effect in residential areas during the harsh summers. 


Things to do in Jodhpur 

  • You can visit Jaswant Thada, Madore Garden, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, Clock Tower and many more.
  • Try desert safari, paragliding, and strolling around the Ranisar Lake. 

2. Pink City, Jaipur


Jaipur is another awe-inspiring crown of Rajasthan that first comes to our mind while discussing the famous colour-coded cities in India that you must visit. Thronged with epic masterpieces, pristine lakes and intricately designed royal forts, Jaipur has been shaded in the tone of terracotta Pink. 

These architectural splendours were painted in these shades of Pink to welcome Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. Afterwards, every building was painted in the fusty hue of pink. Thus, if you are craving to get a glimpse of the top palaces in India, then visit Jaipur to fall in love. 


Things to do in Jaipur

  • You can visit Nahargarh Sanctuary, Jantar Mantar, Amer Fort, City Palace, Bhuteswar etc. 
  • Try trekking, air balloon rides, cycling tours, jungle safari, wildlife photography and many more. 

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3. Red City, Ajmer


Nestled around the lower slopes of Taragarh Hill Rajasthan, Ajmer is a well-renowned tourist attraction that’s known as Red City globally. Covered under the catchy and bold tones of Red, Ajmer comprises elegant havelis and sacred shrines that are sculpted with red sandstone. 

These infrastructures are equally revered by the Hindu and Muslim communities that oasis the wanderers seeking wanderlust. So, if you want to escape and explore the unparalleled heritage of Rajasthan. Then make online hotel booking for Ajmer to see the enchanting amalgamation of culture and modernism. 


Things to do in Ajmer

  • Visit City Palace, Umed Bhawan Palace, Gaipernath Waterfall, Brij Vilas Palace Government Museum etc. 
  • Try aarti at Godavari Dham Temple, and go for educational tours of Maharao Madho Singh museum. 

4. Orange City, Nagpur


As the major trade centre of Orange, Nagpur has now been entitled as the prominent orange city of India. This second-largest capital of Maharashtra is known globally for cultivating juicy and pulpy oranges that satiate the thirst for tantalising food. 

Apart from this, Nagpur is one of the best cities in India to travel to because of the over-the-top liveability, untouched greenery and immaculate healthcare index. This splendid site also has Tiger reservation and information technologies (IT) centres due to which it's further perceived as the orange city. 


Things to do in Nagpur

  • Visit Raman Science Center, Futala Lake, the Center of India, Sri Swaminarayan Temple etc. 
  • Go on an orange orchard tour, take a gastronomic food tour and explore Deekshabhoomi. 

5. Yellow City, Jaisalmer


After the marvellous golden city of Amritsar, Jaisalmer is another breathtaking hub covered with the shadows of ochre. This miniature town is perched in the slight corner of the Thar Desert and is considered a picturesque landscape. Moreover, all the structures, even the eminent heritage sites and forts glitter in the shimmers of yellow, when the sun's rays hit the shining surface of the sculptures. So, if you dream to craft a path in a land filled with desserts, then you better visit Jaisalmer. 


Things to do in Jaisalmer

  • Visit Jaisalmer Fort, Salim Singh ki Haveli, Khaba Fort, Longewala War Memorial, and Patwon ki Haveli. 
  • Try boating at Gadisar Lake, camel safari and glamping at Sam Sand dunes. 

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6. Green city, Thiruvananthapuram


Are you planning to uncover the spiritual path by entering into the celestial realms? If yes, then visit Thiruvananthapuram, the place studded with exotic plants and natural gems that creates the impression of an emerald gem. 

Nestled in Kerala, this destination is highly dotted with sprawling green western ghats that highlight the verdant greenery of the place. Even major architectural marvels are established amidst and under the tall pine trees. Now, if you crave to discover the nitty & gritty of Southern India, then make train bookings to Thiruvananthapuram. 


Things to do in Thiruvananthapuram

  • Visit Kerala State Science & Technology Museum, Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, Shangumugham beach etc. 
  • Try swimming, sunbathing and kayaking on various beaches. 

7. Silver City, Cuttack 


Last but not least, Cuttack is another colour-coded tourist attraction adorned with exquisite and delicate silver items. As the well-renowned art hub of Odisha, this is the best place to travel in India, due to its brass filigree artwork. 

Thus, if you are an art buff who loves to collect and capture uniquely designed or crafted artworks, then add Cuttack to your travel diaries. Here you can freely unfold diverse streets, and purchase products beautifully plated with shining silver.  


Things to do in Cuttack

  • Visit various famous places of Cuttack, such as Chandi Temple, Barabati Fort, Dhabaleswar Island, Paradeep Beach etc. 
  • Go shopping in Jhola Sahi, Boyanika, Duheita Nayasadak etc markets. 

So, these are the top colour-coded Indian sites resembling a rainbow, wherein you can discover the untouched charms of India. These cities are fully packed with diversified features that guarantee to create the unforgettable moments that6 you desire. So, why wait? Without wasting time book your hotel, train, flight or tour packages for these specific sites with EaseMyTrip and enjoy the journey with your family. 

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