Make Most Of Your Long Layover With These Tips and Tricks

EaseMyTrip July 19, 2022

The journey to a new destination is fun but sometimes to reach to the final destination, you have to sit through long flights and layovers. Layovers are not supposed to be tricky but they can get boring due to the long wait. However, if you plan it better, layovers can be fun as well.  The below article highlights how you can survive a long layover whether you are alone or travelling with company.

  • Research the Airport


Research the Airport where you will have a layover. Each airport has its own rules and regulations, so it is important to know any rules you must know as a transiting passenger.  Each airport is also designed in a different way. Pre-research can help you understand where what is.


  • Transit Hotel


If your layover is more than 8/9 hours, it is suggested to book a transit hotel where you can sit, relax and take a nap. Instead of roaming around the airport, you can have a relaxing time in the hotel.


  • Food and Beverage


If you’re having a layover in a new country, it is a good way to explore the local cuisine at the airport. This way you can feel the city and try out something new and local.


  • Take a Nap


You can take a quick nap to reboot yourself. If you don’t have the access to a lounge, you can sleep for a while and wake up when your next flight is about to board. If you plan to sleep don’t forget to put an alarm so that you don’t miss out on your flight by sleeping


  • Airport Lounge


To make your layover more comfortable, you can access the airport lounge. The lounge offers a host of services, entertainment, and some delicious hot food and beverages that you can enjoy while waiting for your next flight.


  • Shopping


You can shop for your favourite products at the airport while passing time. The goods available at the airport are duty-free so that will help you in getting access to products at a cheaper price. So shop, explore and have a great time.


  • Explore the City


If you have a very long layover, you can actually take that time to head out and explore the city. But before you do that ensure you have the visa and other documents to do.


  • Watch a Movie


This is also a great time to watch a movie or your favourite series. Airports have free WIFI, so using that you can download whatever you like and watch a movie to while away time.


The next time you have a long layover, you don’t have to worry as there are a lot of things you can do to while away your time. For the best deals on your flight tickets, don’t forget to log on to EaseMyTrip to save huge.

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