Explore the home of the French Colony: Pondicherry

Pondicherry (or Puducherry) located in Tamil Nadu was the largest French colony in India till 1954.  The French legacy is still preserved with its yellow-coloured buildings, quaint cafes, architecture, and colonial houses. Pondicherry gives you a feeling of France in India. So, looking to explore Pondicherry? Check out the below things to do to have a great time.

  •   Visit Auroville 

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Auroville is a universal township that has people from all around the world.  The main purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity in diversity. The concept came into existence in the 1960s but in 1966 is when UNESCO has passed a judgment and thereby giving full encouragement to foresee a future in humanity.  In the middle of the town is the Matrimandir which was made as a “symbol of the Divine's answer to man's aspiration for perfection". 

  •  Sri Aurobindo Ashram 

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Sri Aurobindo Ashram was founded by Aurobindo Gosh almost 100 years ago. You can also sop at the library which is home to about 80000 books in 25 different languages. If you’re looking to relax and free your mind, you can even do that here. 

  •   Water sports

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Looking to do some water sports? Pondicherry is the place. Enjoy the beauty of the Bay of Bengal and have a blast.  There are several water sports available for you to choose from - pedal boating, kayaking, parasailing, and speed boating. They even have the best scuba diving courses for you which is something you should explore. 

  •    Explore numerous Beaches

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There are several beaches in Pondicherry that you can explore. Whether you’re looking to do some water sports, relax, or take a walk, the options are many If you’re looking at going to the beach – check out Auroville Beach, Paradise Beach, Promenade Beach, Serenity Beach, Mahe Beach, and Quiet Beach. All the beaches are known specifically for something, so go explore and take your pick.

  •   Visit  the Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges Church

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One of the best attractions is the Eglise De Notre Dame Anges Church. Also known as the church of Our Lady of Angels, this Greco -Roman architecture church was built during the 1800s.  The church is located in Dumas street and Surcoof street.  The intricate design and the overall stunning texture make it awe-inspiring 

  •    Visit the Pondicherry Museum

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Pondicherry Museum is known to hold statues, sculptures from the Chola Empire. The gives you a taste of the rich heritage in India. You can find very rare and intricate displays of old French furniture, coins, and fossils. Relics dating to the Greeks, Romans, and Tsung period of China can also be found here. If you love collecting souvenirs then this is the place you must visit. 

  •     Stay in beautiful properties

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Pondicherry has many options that suit every pocket. If you are looking to stay right next to the beach or in a converted colonial property or beautiful hotels, the choice is yours. Any that you choose, you’re sure to have a good time.

  •   Visit quaint cafes

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Pondicherry has a great range of food options. You can find a mix of all sorts of cuisines here. A lot of the food is inspired from the French and Tamil cuisine but visitors have a range of options to choose from. Don’t forget to try freshly baked croissants and pain nu chocolat on your visit to Auroville. It would be honestly the best ones you would have ever tasted in India.

Pondicherry is a beautiful blend of the French and the Indian worlds. Rich history, colourful buildings, French road sings and great beaches is what you can expect on your visit here. For great offers on your flight ticket or for any travel plans, log on to EaseMyTrip and save huge!