Most Haunted Railway Stations in India

Varsha June 11, 2024

Table of Content

  1. Barog Railway Station, Himachal Pradesh
  2. Chittoor Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh
  3. Begunkodar Railway Station, West Bengal
  4. Naini Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh
  5. Dombivli Railway Station, Maharashtra

Remember those days when our grandmother used to tell us some spooky stories of her times and we were inquisitive throughout? Well, gone are those days when these horror stories used to be the warning signs by our parents to go to bed early and sleep. Now is the time when the whole world is wrapped in a bundle of mysteries explicitly, certain railway stations. It’s hard to believe but there exist certain most haunted railway stations in India where scary echoes are still experienced when the train arrives or departs from the station. 


In this blog, we will uncover the insights of certain paranormal hotspots that are considered as the abodes of lingering spirits. All these stations are rumoured to be haunted and have been observed as spooky by many. So, whenever you book the train journey that passes through any of these stations, always remember that there is something unusual there for which you should be cautious. For booking a seamless and hassle-free journey to anywhere in India, EaseMyTrip boasts a wide range of options for your train ticket booking

Here are the top 5 ghost railway stations in India that hold ghostly echoes and legends surrounding them that still captivate those who want to dive deep into the supernatural tales. 

Barog Railway Station, Himachal Pradesh


Tucked in the serene hills of Himachal Pradesh, Barog Railway Station is as scenic as it is eerie. Named after Colonel Barog, this station has a backstory filled with tragedy. Colonel Barog was in charge of constructing a tunnel but committed a fatal error in aligning its ends, which led to his project's failure. Humiliated and overwhelmed, he took his own life, and since then, his spirit is said to roam the tunnel. Tourists and locals often report hearing heartbreaking sighs and seeing ghostly figures in the vicinity of the tunnel, particularly during the dim hours of dusk and dawn. This hauntingly beautiful station serves as a chilling reminder of a soul unrested, enveloped by the breathtaking but sombre mountains.


At the cultural heart of Andhra Pradesh lies Chittoor Railway Station, overshadowed by dark tales of a wandering spirit. The station is reportedly haunted by a woman who met her untimely death on the tracks. Many have claimed to see her apparition on misty nights, dressed in white, causing an unsettling chill in the air. Passengers and railway workers alike have reported bizarre disturbances and spectral sightings that have led to sleepless nights for many. The frequent unexplained phenomena include spectral whispers, sudden temperature drops, and fleeting shadows that vanish into thin air, all contributing to the station's eerie reputation.

Reopened in 2009 after being deserted for 42 years, Begunkodar Railway Station in West Bengal is famously known for its haunting by a lady in white. Legend has it that the ghost of a woman haunts the platforms and tracks, appearing to unsuspecting onlookers before disappearing mysteriously. This station’s closure was primarily due to the widespread fear her presence instilled in the hearts of the local populace. Even though trains now run regularly, the haunting tales continue to deter the faint-hearted. Night guards and locals report unexplained sounds and eerie silences that suddenly envelop the station, reinforcing its reputation as one of the most haunted railway stations in India.

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Situated near the historic site of Naini Central Prison, where numerous freedom fighters were incarcerated during the British rule, Naini Railway Station is shrouded in tales of despair and death. It is believed that the spirits of these freedom fighters, many of whom did not live to see India's independence, still linger around the station. Unexplained disturbances such as eerie sounds at night, sightings of apparitional figures, and the overwhelming feeling of being watched have been reported frequently. The chilling atmosphere is most palpable during the quiet of the night, making the station a nerve-wracking experience for those who dare to visit after dark.


During the day, Dombivli Railway Station buzzes with the chaos of daily commuters, but as night falls, a different kind of energy takes over. It is said that a man who once committed suicide on the tracks haunts this station. Many locals and night-time travellers have reported seeing his ghost, particularly on the platform from which he took his last leap. These reports include unexpected cold drafts, ghostly apparitions, and the sudden cessation of all noise, replaced by an oppressive silence that seems almost tangible. The stark contrast between day and night at this station only adds to the eerie allure, making Dombivli a must-visit for anyone intrigued by the paranormal.

The Bottom Line! 

In summary, these most haunted railway stations in India are not merely stops on a journey but are portals to the unexplained and the unknown. They weave together the historical and the haunted, creating a tapestry rich with cultural and supernatural threads. For those intrigued by ghostly tales, these stations offer more than just transit; they provide a gateway to the mysteries of the afterlife, ensuring that your travels will be anything but ordinary. Whether you seek thrills, tales of woe, or historical intrigue, these ghosted stations are bound to leave you with goosebumps and stories to tell for ages. In case you are curious about visiting these stations once, you can book a comfortable journey through EaseMyTrip.

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