Celebrating Togetherness at International Day of Families 2024

Priyotosh May 15, 2024

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- Significance of International Day of Families

  1. Kyoto, Japan
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Queenstown, New Zealand
  4. Tuscany, Italy
  5. Montreal, Canada

Every year on May 15th, the world comes together to celebrate the unique festival of togetherness which is widely known as International Day of Families. This special day, proclaimed by the United Nations in 1993, emphasizes the importance of families as basic units of society and aims to foster awareness and understanding about the social, economic, and demographic processes affecting families around the world.


Why is International Day of Families Celebrated?: It’s Significance


Families are the cornerstone of society, providing a nurturing environment for education, emotional support, and personal growth. The International Day of Families serves as a reminder of their pivotal role and the need to promote family-oriented policies and strategies. It encourages a broader perspective, emphasizing the diversity of families and the various challenges they face in different parts of the world.

International Day of Families 2024 Theme

The theme for 2024, "Families and Inclusive Societies," focuses on inclusivity within family units, advocating for social justice and equal opportunities for all members. This theme resonates deeply in today’s dynamic world, where inclusivity can strengthen family bonds and, by extension, community resilience. It calls for a reflection on how inclusive practices can be woven into the fabric of family life, paving the way for more cohesive societies.


Here’s Why Travel is the Perfect Way to Celebrate the International Day of Families

Travelling with family not only strengthens bonds but also exposes members to diverse cultures and perspectives. This ultimately enhances mutual understanding and respect among family members.

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1. Kyoto, Japan


Kyoto is a treasure trove of cultural heritage, making it an ideal destination for families eager to immerse themselves in history and natural beauty. Families can explore ancient temples, stroll through serene gardens, and partake in cultural workshops like tea ceremonies, which offer a glimpse into the traditional Japanese way of life.


 2. Copenhagen, Denmark


Ranked as one of the happiest cities in the world, Copenhagen is perfect for family adventures. The city is home to Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest operating amusement parks in the world, which captivates visitors of all ages. The city’s emphasis on cycling and sustainable living also allows families to explore its charming streets and waterfronts in an eco-friendly manner.


 3. Queenstown, New Zealand


For families that thrive on adventure, Queenstown is the place to be. Known as the "adventure capital of the world," it offers activities ranging from bungee jumping to scenic boat tours. It’s a place where families can challenge themselves, build trust, and create lasting memories surrounded by stunning landscapes.


4. Tuscany, Italy


Tuscany offers a slower, more relaxed pace ideal for families looking to reconnect. With its rolling hills, vineyards, and art-rich cities like Florence and Pisa, Tuscany provides a picturesque backdrop for family outings. Cooking classes and vineyard tours offer engaging experiences that celebrate Italian culture and cuisine.


5. Montreal, Canada


Montreal blends North American dynamism with European charm, making it a unique destination for family travel. The city is renowned for its festivals, arts scene, and culinary delights. The Montreal Science Centre and the Biodome offer educational yet entertaining experiences that engage children and adults alike.


The Bottom Line
To sum it up, no matter where you choose to go, celebrating the International Day of Families is all about embracing the diversity within and across family units. It's a time to reflect on different family structures and the roles they play in fostering inclusive societies.

Whether you find yourself wandering through the historic streets of Kyoto or riding the roller coasters in Copenhagen, the essence of this day is about celebrating the connections that form the foundation of all societies.


As we look towards International Day of Families 2024, let’s use this opportunity to strengthen our family ties, broaden our horizons, and contribute to building more inclusive communities. So, pack your bags, book your flight tickets and get ready for a family trip on this occasion. Don’t forget to book hotel rooms online on EaseMyTrip and avail the best deal on online hotel booking.

Happy Travelling!

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