10 of the Best Airlines to Fly With Pets around the World

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Do you know that many airlines allow you to fly comfortably with your pets? If you are not aware till date or you want to know which airlines allow you to fly with your pets then you are on the right platform. Numerous airlines around the world allow you to travel with your pets and make your experience completely stress-free and enjoyable. Check out the top 10 airlines through which you can travel with your pet.

Air India

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If you are looking for the best airline to fly with pets then you can add Air India in your bucket list. You just need to have the proper documents of adoption and vaccinations and then you are welcomed by Air India. The pet must be in a bag/kennel in the prescribed size.

  • Allowed pets: Cats, dogs, birds, service animals
  • Allowed weight: Maximum 11 pounds
  • Price: Varies

Air Canada

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Air Canada allows the travelers to fly with their pets. They tuck the pets in the carrier that is allowed to put under your seat while traveling. For bigger pets like dogs, they use cargo so that there is no inconvenience to the pets.

  • Allowed pets: Cats & dogs that can be fitted in their carrier
  • Allowed weight: Maximum 22 pounds including carrier
  • Price: $50 and above

Air France

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Through Air France, you can travel to domestic, as well as, international destinations with your pet. You have to travel with an approved pet container and that too with a flexible bag. You cannot use crates in the cabin but can be used in the hold (in the cargo area).

  • Allowed pets: Cats, dogs, and service animals
  • Allowed weight: Maximum 17 pounds including carrier
  • Price: $30 and above

American Airlines

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It is one of the biggest and pet-friendly airlines in the world. For short distance-flights, pets are allowed to fly with their owners in a small carrier under the seat. Whereas, for long-haul  flights, pets are checked in cargo to makes sure their convenience.

  • Allowed pets: Cats, dogs, service animals
  • Allowed weight: Maximum 20 pounds including carrier
  • Price: $125 and above


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Flying with pets  is easier through Delta Airlines as it covers 60 countries across the world. You can travel safely with your pet in Delta Airlines. Small pets can ride with travelers in the cabin, while larger pets have to travel in cargo for their convenience.

  • Allowed pets: Cats, dogs, service animals, house hold birds
  • Allowed weight: No limit (must fit in a carrier under seat)
  • Price: $75 and above

Jet Blue

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If you are still wondering  how to fly with pets then Jet Blue is the answer of your question. They provide you a complete list of tips for managing your pet while traveling through place. However, you still need to check the vaccination and documentation required for each destination on your itinerary and also get information about which countries allow the pets to enter and which don’t. 

  • Allowed pets: Cats, dogs, service animals, household birds
  • Allowed weight: Maximum 20 pounds
  • Price: $100 and above

Japan Airlines

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Japan Airlines don’t allow your pets to travel in the cabin, however, they make sure that they are comfortably riding with you in cargo. Pets are taken care of and kept in AC rooms and are delivered to the passengers after completing the flight. You need to carry your documents to fly in Japan Airlines with your pet.

  • Allowed pets: Dogs, cats, small birds, rabbits, squirrels, service animals, hamsters, and ferrets
  • Allowed weight:
  • Price: Maximum 70 pounds (Else, your pet must fly as cargo)

Frontier Airlines

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Frontier Airlines are very friendly to pet and they always welcome their passengers with a great smile. They make sure that you and your pet are traveling comfortably. They welcome dogs, cats, and even rabbits on their domestic flights.

  • Allowed pets: Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and service animals on domestic flight and only dogs and cats on international flights.
  • Allowed weight: 20 pounds with carrier (Carrier should not exceed the following dimension: 17 x 12.5 x 8 inch)
  • Price: $ 75 and above

Open Skies (British Airways)

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Open Skies allows you to fly with your pets only if you have complete documents like medical and travel certificate for your pet. Also, your pet must be under 13.2 pounds so that they can fly with you in the cabin. Anything larger than this must fly with cargo.

  • Allowed pets: Cats, dogs and service animals
  • Allowed weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Price: $196


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Through Southwest Airlines, you can travel to numerous destinations with your pet. You need to inform the airline that you are flying with a pet and also, you need certain documents with a well-ventilated carrier for your pet.

  • Allowed pets: Small cats and dogs
  • Allowed weight: No limit
  • Price: $95 each way

This is to be noted that the travelling fees of the pets tend to vary on the flight and the size of your pet. Also, don’t forget to take your pet documents while traveling. Book cheap air tickets at EaseMyTrip to fly high with your pets.