7 Winter Essentials to carry when you Travel by train

Priyotosh April 17, 2024

Table of Contents

- The Enchanting Aura of Winter Train Journeys

- Top 7 Essentials for Winter Train Travel


  1. Layered Comfort

  2. Hot Beverage Arsenal

  3. Blankets and Shawls

  4. Snack Stash

  5. Entertainment Bundle

  6. Portable Charger

  7. Travel Friendly Footwear


With mercury dipping to record lows, we are in the middle of intense winters. Cold winds, shallow fog and overcast conditions have become quite prominent now and if stats are what you believe in, Delhi - the capital of India witnessed its record low temperature of 3.5 Degree Celsius just a few days back.

Amidst this bone chilling cold, while people are finding solace wrapped in blankets, sipping their favorite beverage and avoiding even the most essential commutes, there are a group of travelers who are happily ticking off winter wonderlands from their travel list.

If you ever get a chance to strike a conversation with them, you will notice that almost all of them recommend traveling by train during the winter season and if you are planning to travel by train lately, don’t forget to book your train tickets with EaseMyTrip for a convenient and hassle-free journey.

In this blog we will explore why traveling in trains hold a special place in the hearts of travelers and the list of essentials that you must carry while traveling in train during the winter season.

So, let’s begin.


The Enchanting Aura of Winter Train Journeys


There's an undeniable allure to train travel during winters that captivates the hearts of avid explorers. The rhythmic clatter of wheels on tracks mingles with the crisp winter air, creating a symphony that resonates with the spirit of adventure. The landscape transforms into a white canvas, adorned with the delicate brushstrokes of frost and snow. Passing through frost-kissed meadows and mist-laden valleys, the journey becomes a visual poem, a testament to the magic that winter imparts to the world outside your window. The scenic panorama becomes an inseparable part of the traveler's memory, etched with the charm that only winter journeys can provide.


Top 7 Essentials for Winter Train Travel


Following are the list of essentials that you must carry while traveling in train during winters:

1. Layered Comfort:

Winter train journeys demand strategic layering to combat the fluctuating temperatures on board. Start with thermal wear as a base, add cozy sweaters or fleeces, and top it off with a weather-resistant jacket. This ensures that you remain snug regardless of the external conditions.


2. Hot Beverage Arsenal:

A steaming cup of tea or coffee becomes a cherished companion during winter train rides. Pack a thermos filled with your favorite hot beverage to keep the chill at bay. Not only does it provide warmth, but it also adds a comforting routine to your journey.


3. Blankets and Shawls:

 While trains provide blankets, having your own cozy wrap adds a personal touch to your travel experience. A soft shawl or blanket can transform an ordinary seat into your own little haven, shielding you from the cold and offering moments of respite.


4. Snack Stash:

Winter journeys can make you hungrier than usual, and relying solely on train pantry options might not suffice. Pack a mix of healthy snacks and indulgent treats to keep your energy levels up throughout the journey.


5. Entertainment Bundle:

The longer winter train journeys provide the perfect opportunity to catch up on your reading, binge-watch your favorite series, or enjoy some music. Load up your devices with entertainment options to ensure a delightful journey.


6. Portable Charger:

Winter might affect the efficiency of electronic devices, and the last thing you want is a drained phone battery. Carry a portable charger to ensure that you stay connected and entertained throughout the trip.


7. Travel-Friendly Footwear:

The cold weather demands attention to your feet. Opt for comfortable and warm footwear that is easy to slip on and off, especially during those essential pit stops.

The Bottom Line


To sum it up, as winter paints the world in hues of frost and snow, train travel emerges as an enchanting escape for those seeking both adventure and comfort. Armed with layers of warmth, a cup of hot beverage in hand, and the anticipation of breathtaking winter vistas, travelers find solace in the rhythm of train wheels against frost-kissed tracks. So, if you're contemplating a winter escapade, let the allure of train travel beckon you. Pack your essentials and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary.

Additionally, we would also recommend you to check train travel guidelines so as to skip hassles on your trip. Also, because of dense fog and overcast conditions, a number of trains also get canceled and delayed and hence, don’t forget to check train travel status before you head out.

Happy Traveling!


1) Is vaccination compulsory for train travel in India?
Ans: There is nothing as such. However, it is recommended to be vaccinated for your own health and well being.

2) Can Waiting List (WL) passengers travel in train in India?
Ans: You can travel with a Waiting List ticket if it is bought from the window counter. However, e-ticket Waiting List passengers are not allowed to board the train.

3) How to order food while travelling in train?
Ans: You can order food in train through official websites. Like, you can order your pizza from Dominos by going to the app and giving your details like seat number and nearby station.

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