Planning a Long Train Journey? Here's What You Need to Know!

Hruditya May 16, 2024

Table of Contents: 


-       Plan Your Train Journey in Advance

-       Keep Track of Train Status & Updates 

-       Pack Your Essentials Wisely 

-       Carry Refreshing Snacks & Beverages

-       Just Feel Entertained & Engaged 


Every travel lover who desires the best train journeys in India for a truly magical and immersive experience. These kinds of tours across enchanting destinations ooze a beautiful amalgamation amidst the comfort, convenience, thrill, and enjoyment of traversing a myriad of breathtaking landscapes. The simultaneous train announcements and the people chit-chatting with each other indeed create a magical ambiance that’s cherished by everyone.


Even starting the longest train journeys in India is perceived as the best opportunity to unveil the charm of its magnificent cities. However, there are still various considerations that are essential for us to understand and follow to make the best of long train journeys. 


Thus, to ensure a smoother and more convenient journey, we’ve meticulously created a guide on the top 5 things to keep in mind before going on a long train journey. With this, you get an amazing idea regarding the things you must do in advance for the stress-free voyage. Now, let’s have a look at these.


1. Plan Your Train Journey in Advance


If you’re planning your best train journey, then it’s essential for every travel enthusiast to plan the journey accordingly prior to boarding. For a seamless experience consider multiple factors, including the train duration, schedules, layovers and other factors that usually influence the expedition.



Based on these aspects, ensure to perform intensive research, carry e-tickets as advised and other pivotal identification documents, including Adhaar Card, PAN card, etc. Also, don’t forget to select the type of train as per your preference. Whether it's standard, sleeper, coach, or luxury compartment, select your seat wisely to unwind in convenience with zero hassles.

2. Keep Track of Train Status & Updates 


We all are familiar with the fact that train schedules are subject to delays and changes due to multiple internal and external factors, including operations and changing weather conditions. To avoid last-minute issues during your trip, it's best to stay updated on your train's status and any changes. You can easily do this by checking your IRCTC PNR Status regularly.


With such solutions, you can check the status of ticket confirmation, live train status and other important updates. You can utilize various online train ticket booking websites and apps. By using these services, you will remain prepared and modify your plans later accordingly.


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3. Pack Your Essentials Wisely 


When heading on the longest train journey, packing the right essentials efficiently can truly make a considerable difference and amplify your overall voyage seamlessly. Some of the crucial items that you must carry during the odyssey include comfortable clothes, travel documents like train tickets, medications or first aid kits to tackle minor emergencies and entertainment systems.


When you're heading out for a long train journey, packing the right things can make a big difference. Make sure to bring comfy clothes, your train tickets, any medications you need, and something to keep you entertained along the way. These essentials will help make your trip smooth and enjoyable.


To further maintain the optimal level of hygiene during excursion or morning chorus, you should be carrying basic toiletries. It must encompass toothpaste, toothbrushes, face wipes, best personal care products, sanitizers and toiletries. We also recommend you to avoid packing unnecessary stuff as there are luggage limitations on trains. 


4. Carry Refreshing Snacks & Beverages


Indeed, the long train journey is not everyone’s cup of tea as it can be a bit exhausting and unbearable for many. It’s truly impossible to remain calm while starving. Therefore, it’s advised to stay hydrated and energized throughout the voyage. To quench your thirst and craving, you can access food counters to feast upon or just pack eating goodies and keep them with you.


We assure you that with an ample supply of water, revitalizing beverages and healthy snacks like nuts, energy bars and sandwiches, you’ll feel better. If you’re traveling by train with your little champs then you can also carry easy-to-consume chips on the go. Additionally, it would be the best idea if you come and try local delicacies like brimming hot samosa with chutney and kadak chai for an ultimate delight.


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5. Just Feel Entertained & Engaged for Ultimate Joy


Everyone desires fun, exciting and adventure-packed travel experiences to create memorable moments once in a lifetime. So, to turn your ordinary journey into an extraordinary train journey, prefer to capture the intriguing views and relax on the long onboard stretches. To further make the train ride funtastic, you can bring along various entertainment options like books, interesting magazines, puzzles, or electronic gadgets to play games, view movies and listen to soothing music.


You can even interact with fellow travelers, strike up conversation and know their legitimate and thrilling experiences or perspectives. This beautiful exchange of diverse values will truly lead to cultural immersion and will definitely enhance your overall exposure.  


In conclusion, we just want to say that long train journeys in India are by far the most amazing experience that one can encounter for a fun-filled odyssey. By following these top 5 considerations outlined in the guide you can travel with ease seamlessly. Also, if you desire to make online train bookings conveniently, then choose EaseMyTrip. 

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