Guidelines for Air Travel by Indian Government

On 24th March 2020, India went under a complete lockdown for the safety of its citizens. All kind of transportation was barred in the country due to the widespread of the novel coronavirus. Now, with utmost preparations and guidelines, the government has decided to open airspace and resume domestic airlines to fly within the nation. These steps are taken by the government in regards to the urgency and necessity of movement within the country. Below we have mentioned the guidelines provided by the government for each state with respect to the current situation. With certain restrictions, passengers can fly back to cities within the nation. It is suggested to travel only if it’s required and follow the instructions provided by the authorities. Go through the guidelines mentioned below and plan your journey accordingly.



For those who are planning to travel to Mumbai, please note that only 25 departures and 25 arrivals daily from Mumbai are allowed, according to state minister Nawab Malik. The state plans to gradually scale up operations, at the Mumbai airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the country. All other airports in Maharashtra can operate up to one-third of the approved summer schedule.



As per the Kerala State Government, in-bound passengers have to register on the state government's Covid-19 Jagratha portal. For all the travelers, 14-day home quarantine is also mandatory which you have to follow.



Civilian flight operations will resume from May 28 in West Bengal. All passengers are required to submit a self-declaration form at the time of arrival. Asymptomatic passengers will be permitted to go with the advice that they will self-monitor for 14 days. Samples will be collected for the COVID-19 test from all symptomatic passengers and will be taken to the nearest health facility. Those, with moderate or severe symptoms, will be admitted to dedicated COVID health facilities. Passengers with mild symptoms will be allowed to choose between home or institutional isolation.



All passengers returning to Punjab will be tested for COVID-19 at Chandigarh International Airport. Everyone will have to stay under home quarantine for 14 days. In case the test comes positive, the person will be shifted to the isolation facility. These rules are supposed to be followed strictly by each and every person planning on traveling.

Any passenger arriving in Chandigarh to reach his or her home state of Haryana or Himachal Pradesh will be dealt as per the protocol of the recipient state.



If you are traveling to Odisha, 14-day institutional quarantine for people returning to urban areas in the state and 7-day institutional and 7-day home quarantine in rural areas is mandatory.


Tamil Nadu

In-bound passengers have to register themselves on the state-run portal and all asymptomatic passengers to under-go mandatory home quarantine for 14-days.



Passengers traveling to Mizoram will have to obtain the prior permission of the state government for air travel and have to undergo a Covid-19 test on arrival and mandatory quarantine for fourteen days.


Jammu and Kashmir

Passengers via rail, road, or air have to undergo the Covid-19 test and will be in administrative quarantine till the test results come back or the patient tests negative. Persons testing negative for Covid-19 on arrival will also have to be in-home quarantine for 14 days.



At least seven-day quarantine either in a government or paid facility is mandatory. Official communication is still awaited.


Uttar Pradesh

Anyone traveling to Uttar Pradesh will need to register on They will receive an OTP on their phones, which has to be displayed at the departure gate. People flying into the state will have to stay under home-quarantine for 14 days. A notice also has to be displayed outside the house. People staying in the state for less than a week or traveling onwards are barred from entering areas designated as hotspots.



Passengers have to get themselves registered on the government web portal. All the passengers will be kept in institutional quarantine for the time period as specified by state government unless they show symptoms that require quarantine in medical facilities. Inbound passengers will be given a choice to select the institutional quarantine centers of their own, and details of centers and rates will be made available on the website.


Madhya Pradesh

All passengers coming by flights will be scanned for Covid-19 on their arrival at the airport. If anyone is found symptomatic, they will be sent to quarantine and their samples will be collected for testing, and will only be allowed to go once they have tested negative for the virus.



All the passengers who are coming by flight or train must register on the government portal and confirm their itinerary. No permission will be given to pick up the passengers from the airport. All the passengers will be taken to Shillong or Tura for testing and kept in institutional quarantine for up to 48 hours or till the test results are known. Passengers are supposed to make their travel arrangements from Shillong or Tura.



Passengers with foreign travel history in the last 28 days, foreign passport holders, and others showing symptoms will be taken to a nearby facility to collect samples. They will be kept in the facility till the result is declared.

For asymptomatic passengers who are having a return ticket within 72 hours of arrival will be allowed to go with the advice that they will self-monitor, and inform the officials if they develop any symptoms.

All asymptomatic passengers staying for more than 72 hours and are not from Tripura will have to give samples, their place of stay will be noted down. A random sampling of every fifth passenger will also be done and will be asked to stay in a 14-days home quarantine if found positive.



As per the government instruction, only 15 departures, and arrivals allowed at the Hyderabad airport.


Andhra Pradesh

Airports in Visakhapatnam and Vijaywada are allowed to resume operations from May 26, with 20 Percent of the approved summer schedule for arrival and departure.



No mandatory quarantine, for passengers but the Centre's guidelines have to be followed. Asymptomatic patients can exit with self-monitoring advice for 14 days. Mild symptoms can opt for home isolation, government, or private isolation facility. Those with symptoms will be immediately admitted and tested.


Every traveler is suggested to strictly follow the rules and regulations stated by the central government as well as state government for safe travel. We advise passengers to take all the necessary steps prior to your journey and maintain social distancing practice throughout the journey. It is the time to support and stand with the nation for a healthy and safe future. Book your flights from EaseMyTrip, the only portal where you are charged with ZERO convenience fees and which is a truly 100% Indian Travel Portal. Help India to become aatmnirbhar and fight back Coronavirus.