Famous Buddha Statues in the World

EaseMyTrip December 30, 2021

Buddhism is one of the well-known religions and is followed by an end number of people nestled in different regions around the world. Moreover, the study of Buddhism not just inspired people to follow this religion but has given the world some of the iconic contributions in the form of famous Buddha statues which are located at different destinations across the globe. These statues portray the numerous Buddharupa’s and attract tourists from numerous corners of the world. Below is the list of some of the famous Buddha statues which one should definitely explore to get the blissful appearance of Lord Buddha.

Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue

Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue is positioned in the center of an artificial lake in Hyderabad. This Buddha statue in Hyderabad is the most famous statue of Buddha in India. This statue weighs 320 tons and has a height of 56 feet. It is the only monolithic statues in India and this marvelous piece of art is carved out from a single stone by group of artisans. Moreover, this statue also caused the death of 8 workers when the magnificent statue’s figure tipped over and fell in the lake in 1992 at the time of installation. Later, the government recovered and restored the statue it in its full height and stature.

Monywa Buddhas

This grand Buddha statue is located in Monywa city in Myanmar in the Po Khaung Taung range of hills. It is the largest reclining statue in the world and recently a giant standing Buddha statue is also built on the top of Po Kuang Hills which has a height of 433 feet and is reputed as the largest Buddha statue in the world.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

This Buddhist temple is one of the famous Buddhist temples in Wat Phra Kaew. This temple is located within the Grand Palace Emerald Buddha is one of the famous and oldest Buddha statues in the world. It is basically a jade statue in gold cloths and it is said that this Buddha statue is created in the city of Patliputra in India in 43 BC and it remained there for about 300 years but later is was taken to Sri Lanka and eventually the statue made its way to Thailand and moved in Wat Phra Kaew. The statue has 3 sets of gold clothing which is changed by the King of Thailand in a ceremony that takes place at the change of seasons.

Leshan Giant Buddha

The Giant Buddha of Leshan is a giant Buddha statue which is carved out of a cliff in Sichuan in western china .This giant Buddha is a figure of Maitreya representing Buddha in a sitting posture. The construction of this giant sculpture was started in 713 and was not completed till 803. It is featured in poetry, song and stories as well. The sculpture has a height of 233 feet and has 11 feet long fingers on each resting hand. It is the most popular attraction in China and one of the famous Buddha statues in the world.

Tian Tan Buddha Statue

This Buddha statue located on Lantau Island in Hong Kong is locally reffered as the Big Buddha. Tian Tan Buddha statue was completed in the year 1993 and it is the main feature of the Po Lin Monastery. This iconic Buddha statue symbolizes harmony amongst the nature, people, man and religion. The Buddha got its name as Tian Tan Buddha because the base of this statue is the replica of Tian Tan, The Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The 110 feet tall statue is beautifully placed on the lotus throne on the top of a three tired altar and that’s what makes this statue even more spectacular. Moreover, the posture of the Tian Tan Buddha Statue of Hong Kong represents serenity.

Great Buddha of Kamakura

The Kotoku-in is a popular Buddhist temple nestled in the Kamakura city of Japan. This amazing temple is known for its spectacular Buddhist statue which is an iconic representation of Amida Buddha. It is one of the most popular and celebrated Buddhist figures situated in Japan. This beautiful bronze statue of Buddha is 40 feet high and weighs around 93 tons. It is believed that the statue is been cast by the Buddhist monk Joko in 1252. Originally the statue was housed in a wooden temple but now it is placed in an open air as the temple was washed away in Tsunami in 15th century.

Temple of Reclining Buddha

It is located in Bangkok and the temple “Wat Pho” is popular for housing the huge reclining Buddha statue. This temple if one of the largest and oldest temples in Bangkok as it was constructed approx 200 years back. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Bangkok and is visited by numerous tourists every year. The gold plated reclining Buddha statue is 15 meters high and is 45 meters long and represents the passing of the Buddha into Nirvana.

Ushiku Daibutsu

This iconic Buddha statue is nestled in the city of Ushiku in Japan. This tall Buddha statue was completed in the year 1995 and is one of the world’s tallest Buddha statues. With a height of 120 meters, 10 meters of base and with 10 meters high lotus platform, this Buddha statue is one of the beautiful Buddha statues in the world. The statue of the Buddha commemorates Amitabha Buddha and is also called as Ushiku Arcadia. Moreover, tourists can take an elevator to a platform where the observation desk is placed.

Gal Viharaya

This magnificent Buddha statue is nestled in north central Sri Lanka and is one of the beautiful representations of Buddha. Gal Viharaya Buddha is situated in the massive rock temple of Sri Lanka which was constructed by Parakramabahu the Great in 12th century.

Ayutthaya Buddha Head

Ayutthaya in Thailand is a location where one can witness the world’s most unusual Buddhist statues. This Buddha head statue is nestled in the ruins of Wat Mahathat (The Temple of the Great Relic) which is one of the famous attractions in Thailand. This statue of the Buddha whose body has been lost since ages but its head rests properly in the climbing roots of the tree. It is one of the famous Buddha statues in the world.

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