The Next Time Your Flight Is Delayed, Keep These Points In Mind

EaseMyTrip June 9, 2022

Flight Journeys are a lot of fun but sometimes there can be a significant amount of delay for a reason we might not be aware of. So, this article helps in figuring out what are the reasons that cause a delay. The next time they is a delay in your flight, you probably will know the reason for it.

Aircraft Delay

The airlines run on a very tight schedule. The more the flights are in the air, the more money it makes, and hence it is important to be landing and departing at the right time. However, since it is all interrelated and connected, a delay in one aircraft has a direct effect on the other. Hence, causing delay

Air Traffic Control Restrictions

For an aircraft to land, it needs Air Traffic Controls permission. With so many aircrafts in the air, sometimes the airspace gets very busy. They need to hence prioritise landing and aircraft separation.  So, keeping this in mind sometimes you need to wait to they have it all in control.

Bird Strikes

Bird Strikes are common in the aviation industry and can be a threat depending on the impact.  If a bird causes damages to the aircraft or enters the engine then it could be an issue. However, most airports are designed in such a way that it disperses all the birds. They have a separate team assigned to look into it.

Adverse weather conditions

Landing and Take Off are subject to weather conditions. If there is a bad weather, the flight is always delayed till the time when they feel it is okay and safe to fly.

Late Crews

Many times, either the cabin crew or the pilot may be the reason for delay. Also sometimes the crew needs to ensure the aircraft is ready for boarding. Basis requisites have to to checked and filled before passengers board a flight. Therefore, if this is running late, you need to wait a little while more before you board.

Preparing the Aircraft

If it is a turnaround flight, a lot of procedures need to be kept in mind before boarding the next set of passengers. Refueling, cleaning the aircraft, preparing the food and beverage, and safety and security. Without these mandatory checks, a flight will not leave the ground, hence causing a bit of a delay.

We hope the above article helps you in understanding the different reasons that could be the cause of the delay. So worry not, and enjoy a safe flight. For the best travel deals, log on to EaseMyTrip.

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