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The USHUAIA has been lately renovated to lodge a maximum of 88 passengers / guests in 46 comfy cabins and suites. It was initially constructed built for the United States agency NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration). The ice-strengthened polar vessel USHUAIA is well-appointed and provides plenty of deck space and an open bridge policy. It has a complement of inflatable landing craft that ensures smooth landings and wildlife viewing opportunities on the otherwise remote coastline (depends on weather).

All cabins have a desk and sufficient storage space. The public areas feature a large dining room (one sitting), an observation bar and lounge, a conference room with modern multimedia equipment, a well-stocked library with plenty of books, a changing room and a small infirmary.

The ship has expert captain, officers and crew which are highly experienced in Antarctic navigation. It offers an expert team of international expedition leaders and lecturers and dedicated to the protection of the environment. The well-skilled chefs prepare delicious cuisine including many local specialties and the bar is well-stocked with fine selected wines and spirits.

Ship Data
Rating Specialty
Cruise Line Antarpply Expeditions
Ship Profile & Status
Length 84.7 metres
Pass. Cap. (dbl) 84
Crew Nat. Ecuadorian
Officer Nat. Ecuadorian
Dining Nat. Ecuadorian
Ship Reg. Panama
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  • Full climate control
  • Fully-equipped lecture room
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