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Built in 1997 by Blount Boats in Warren, RI, Grande Caribe carries American officers and crew along with 98 passengers. It is designed in such a way that can reach there where bigger vessels can't visit. It creates an informal and modest atmosphere, where passengers mix together and make new friends. In 2009, the ship was completely renovated with new furniture and décor in the lounge, cabins and dining rooms. So, whether you are watching the gorgeous views of surroundings or enjoying a lazy morning in your cabin, Grande Caribe gives you an ultimate experience.

Ship Data
Rating River
Cruise Line Blount Small Ship Adventures
Ship Profile & Status
Length 184 feet
Maiden Voyage 1997
Refurbished 2009
Pass. Cap. (dbl) 88
Ship Reg. United States
  • AC with Individual Control
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