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CroisiEurope is a family cruise company that has been specializing in river and coastal cruises since 1976, and based in Strasbourg. Presently, CroisiEurope is the leader in the European cruise market. This cruise line at present has a fleet of 43. The Prestige category boats / ships cruise all of Europe's Rivers. Accommodation capacities of these ships vary from 100 to 180 passengers depending on its design. The cruise ship's facilities offer ultra-modern technology, comfort and safety. Carefully maintained and regularly renovated every year, it was built vessels that are less than five years old. All of the ships have got certification of Veritas. French is the primary language spoken on the ships, although most staff members also speak English and other European languages. The announcements are made in French and in English on the ship. The four-star vessels offer high-quality French cuisine food cooked by French chefs and accompanied with top French and German wines.

Similar to most Europe river lines, CroisiEurope provides soft drinks, wine and beer with lunch and dinner year-round, offers unlimited drinks - including house spirits during the high season from April to October. In France, CroisiEurope sails on the Seine, the Rhône, the Saône, the Gironde, the Meuse, and the Rhine; in Italy, on the Po; in Spain, on the Guadalquivir; in Portugal, on the Guadiana and the Douro; in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, on the Rhine; in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, and Romania, on the Danube; and in Germany, on the Havel and the Oder.

CroisiEurope also has a coastal ship, 'the MS Belle de l'Adriatique' that operates in specific months in the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia, in July and August in the Cyclades in Greece, and from November to February in the Canary Islands. Furthermore, three other cruise ships are chartered by the company on the Volga between Moscow and Saint Petersburg (and return), and another on the Mekong, from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Angkor and return. This cruise line and shapes makes many of the stops at World Heritage Sites.

The CroisiEurope provides the only "floating" hotel structures of its type in France that reigns supreme over the kitchens on its boats / ships. Alain Bohn manges is in charge of the company's Chefs, and designs his cuisine as well as specific menus in the ethnic tradition of French cooking. At different times, CroisiEurope joins forces with a number of renowned Chefs such as Marc Haeberlin, Paul Bocuse or Emile Jung to organize gastronomic cruises full of taste and flavor. Dining aboard at any ship of CroisiEurope is always delightful. Food is served with smile that will make your experience feel at home. Do enjoy world-renowned sommelier, Serge Dubs.

The dinner is served at a single sitting and at a set time, while breakfast is served in buffet style and is also served in the restaurant. There is no particular dress; you can dress in smart casual as no formal nights are held onboard.

Dining aboard Galateia: The meals will be prepared fresh on board by your dedicated chef. ***