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By traveling with Aranui 5, you may find out the enthralling history, culture and scenic beauty of French Polynesia's remote Marquesas Islands. This ruggedly stunning archipelago has motivated several artists and writers, including Paul Gauguin, Jacques Brel and Herman Melville. It carries 260 passengers and offers them a unique cruising experience. Spend your days while enjoying the sceneries, watching the freighters crew and exploring and discovering the islands with the shore excursions. Go for the evening fun as the Aranui team plays music and perform dance in the evening. The magic of the Marquesas can captivate you and offers true journey of a lifetime.

Ship Data
Rating Specialty
Cruise Line Aranui Cruises
Ship Profile & Status
Length 126 metres
Tonnage 3200 tonnes
Pass. Cap. (dbl) 260
Crew Nat. Polynesian
Officer Nat. Polynesian
Dining Nat. Polynesian
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