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American Cruise Lines is a small-ship cruise line with its headquarters in Guilford, Connecticut, United States (US). Established in the year 1991, it is a leading small ship cruising company in the US. Its small ships can carry not more than 100 passengers but are able to navigate easily through smooth inland waterways of America and dock in the heart of each charming port. From Maine to Florida, the cruise itineraries are designed to offer passengers to experience each area's fascinating history, local culture and natural splendor closely.

What makes this American Cruise Lines famous and leader in the small ship cruising is the supreme personal attention and friendly ambience. The all-American crew is very friendly, polite and remains always eager to pamper you. The onboard chefs are well-skilled to serve passengers delicious feast that is masterfully prepared with perfect quality and highlighting the flavors of the local regions. The cruise lines are flexible, refreshingly laid-back and unregimented offers a friendly ambience ranging from conducive to camaraderie.

Curl up with a book in the library, watch the passing scenery from one of the open observation decks or chat with new friends in one of the lounges. Moreover, each night offer passengers to revive the day's adventures with complimentary cocktails and hors d'oeuvres before dinner.
The dining fare at American Cruise Lines can be called a very special experience. Each ship features a spacious dining area that can seat all passengers at one time. The highly skilled chefs are trained at the some of the most renowned Culinary Institutes who prepare each meal to order with the supreme care and quality. There are a variety of choices at every meal which regularly include a specialty dish highlighting flavors inspired from the local region. The young, all-American dining room staff is friendly and accommodating, and remains eager to pamper you to assure that your dining experience is just the way you like it. There is no dress code like gowns or tuxedos as such so you can go in informal in the dining area and sit with whomever you like. Every table has an outside view, so take your time - meals are served with cook to order facility. This might be a good time to make new friendships.